Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Networking

Computer networking is one of the most essential ways of sharing information. The computers are all linked together, wirelessly, by connecting to the same network. This is a reliable way to share information within businesses and companies. It is a widely used practice in today’s world and provides multiple benefits to the people utilizing it.

Advantages of Computer Networking

Allows File Sharing
Computer networking allows accessibility for the people to share their files easily. This greatly helps the people in saving their time and effort since they could already share some of the important files they need to share with other people effectively and accordingly.

Provides Convenient Resource Sharing
This is another benefit that you may be acquiring if you are going to access computer networking. This is very important particularly for those larger companies who are greatly in need to produce huge number of resources to be shared to all the people. Since this is a computer based works, you will be assured that the resources you wanted to give to the people would be completely shared if you are going to connect them in a network which you are also using.

Inexpensive System
Installing computer networking software in your gadget would not cost you too much since you are assured that the software is durable and can effectively share information to the people you need it to. You need not to change the software regularly since it is very simple and can last for a couple of years.

Flexible to be Used
Computer networking is known to be very flexible since you are given the chance to explore everything about the software without affecting its functionality. You will have accessibility to all the information that needs to be shared.

Increase in Storage Capacity of the Software
Since you are going to share files and resources to other people, you need to make sure that all the data and files are properly stored in the system. With computer networking you are assured that all the files would be stored properly depending on your saved file.

Disadvantages of Computer Networking

Security Difficulties
Since there are already huge number of people who are using computer networking in sharing some of their files and resources, your security would be always at risk. There might be illegal activities that will occur that you need to be aware and be careful all the time.

Presence of Computer Viruses and Other Malwares
There are instances that the stored file you have in your gadget is already destroyed because there are already viruses that corrupt your file. Hence you need to have regular check-up on your gadget at the same time to the stored files you have.

Lack of Independence
Since computer networking is a process operated through computers, people are already relying more of the works of the computer rather than exerting an effort for their works.

Computer networking will always give you a fast and convenient way to share and transfer information to the people. However, people need to make sure that they are always aware of the consequences that this particular system would be giving them. They should not always rely on this system even if there are several advantages that this is bringing to prevent the presence of flaws and other malfunctions of the system.