Laser Eye Surgery Pros and Cons List

In a bid to avoid the use of eye glasses and the stress that is often associated with the use of contact lenses, many people have decided and are still deciding to opt for eye surgery which seem to provide a better option.

Laser surgery has proven to be a viable solution to various kinds of eyesight related problems. This technology that seems to be gaining grounds in recent times has been in existence since the late 90s. With this new technology, the possibility of regaining a 20/20 vision is seemingly visible. The advent of laser surgery has made the dream of many people to see the world with a clearer view, come true. However, this procedure comes with a good and bad effect. Below are some of the pros and cons associated with laser eye surgery.

The Pros of Laser Eye Surgery

1. Instantaneous Results
Testimonies abound of how the laser eye surgery has helped to restore a clearer and better eyesight. So many patients have testified of an almost instantaneous eyesight improvement after undergoing laser eye surgery.

2. Use of Glasses Abolished
Another advantage of the laser eye surgery is that, the use of glasses is abolished. After a successful laser eye surgery is performed, the patient is free from the use of glasses which at times can negatively affect his or her self image.

3. No More Contact Lenses
Laser eye surgery places an end to contact lenses. With laser eye surgery, a patient would no longer have to rely on contact lenses thereby making the eyes feel more comfortable and relaxed.

4. Safe and Easy
The technology involved with laser eye surgery is safe and has become more advanced than it has ever been. Thanks to technological advancement which has guaranteed a 20/20 vision, people are now becoming more and more confident to undertake a laser eye surgery believing that they will not lose their vision.

5. Effective Treatment Option
Laser eye surgery has proven to be effective in handling some eye defects like cataracts.

The Cons of Laser Eye Surgery

1. High Costs
One of the major disadvantages associated with laser eye surgery is the high cost it is often associated with. It involves thousands of dollars to undertake especially when health insurance is not involved. Since many cannot bear this cost, they are left with the routine of going for medical checkups which also involves money.

2. Can Lack Clarity
Although there have been a drastic decrease in the risk of experiencing blindness, however, there are tendencies that a patient might not be able to see clearly and sometimes not at all. This makes a lot of people afraid of going in for the process but prefer to use glasses and contact lenses.

3. Complications
There have been several cases of complications after a laser eye surgery has been carried out. Patients have complained about discomfort, distortions of vision and even astigmatism.