Butcher Block Countertops Pros and Cons List

Everyone wants to have a beautiful kitchen with an amazing look. These types of kitchen look like they came out of heaven when delicious food comes out of them, and every guest is impressed after this type of treatment. Beautiful kitchens usually have butcher clock countertops on them, these are made from wood cuts glued together. This forms a sturdy surface that can be used as a cutting board, a counter, and even a table top. If we look at the pros and cons we clearly find great strengths here.

List of Pros of Butcher Block Countertops

1. Appearance
The first one is the appearance, it is beautiful and a kitchen with butcher clock countertops is simply amazing. A kitchen is simply warmer and cozier with butcher clock countertops in it. Other than that, these countertops have a wide variety of types, from hardwood to maple, cherry and to oak. Besides different types of wood, they also have stains and other finishing touches to give them great looks This means that although a lot of people might use them in their kitchen, they are almost always going to be unique.

2. Provides a Nice Work Surface
The wood countertops are an excellent work surface that is easier on your knifes and on your kitchen items than other surfaces such as granite or concrete. On top of that, they are much warmer to the touch and in appearance than any other type of surface normally used in a kitchen. Usually, stone surfaces are used but they are almost always cold, and if you dare to use a knife on them, your knife will end up not cutting anything within a week.

List of Cons of Butcher Block Countertops

1. Heavy Maintance
But these countertops also have their weaknesses. Among them, the main one is regarding their hygiene and their proper manufacturing. If they are not properly sealed they might get germs on them that will slowly devour your food while you watch. On top of that, these countertops need to be treated with mineral oil or any other type of protecting agent, or else they will suffer water damage.

2. Can Become Damaged Over Time
Another weakness is that these countertops will be damaged with use, and with time they will start to look worn out. This isn’t very pretty, but the problem can be solved with refinishing the countertops. Although it might only need to be refinished from decade to decade, this is still a problem that no one really wants to have to handle.

3. Prone to Scratches and Damage
Since wood is a soft surface (considering you will be hitting it with knifes) the butcher clock countertops can be easily damaged with scratch and dents. This might not be a weakness at all, it really depends on the point of view used. Some homeowners believe this gives character and life to the countertops, while others just see damage in them.