How Occupy Wall Street Began

Occupy Wall Street Movement: Why Do People Protest?

One of the protests that have been practiced in different countries is the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Most of the people who are participating in this movement have the same reasons on why they are protesting, one is that there is an increasing economic inequality happening around the globe and the corporate world have a high influence over the government.

The Reasoning Behind Occupy Wall Street

There are also people who are suggesting that the government should make use of the money meant for war to be used on building factories and let the U.S. troops come home. Included in the movement are people who want transparency over regulations used and followed in campaign contributions. Many of these people want to educate more people about putting people first before profits.

The birth of the movement was made due to the economic problem the country is facing. This is a situation that should not be doubted since over 25 million Americans do not have any jobs, almost 50 million are living without health insurance and more than 100 million are living in a poverty-stricken life. There are over 60 million Americans who belong to the 125% poverty line.

The Beginning of a Trend

Within a span of 4 months in 2011, the occupy wall street movement started when people gathered in Manhattan, marched across Brooklyn Bridge, which led to a total of 700 arrests and made a huge publicity. The protest around the world was ended through a sit-in that occupied the Times Square. Public outrage sparkled when police raid the protesters during the protest for the Occupy Oakland.

People who supported the Occupy Wall Street movement belong to various sectors such as full-time, part-time and unemployed people and even students. Male dominated the number of protesters with over 67% while females were over 30%. People may say that most protesters were not even a degree holder. The fact is that, more than 64% of the protesters have a college degree or even higher educational attainment while around 26% were students.

A Global Impact

Nationalities who have participated in the protests are not the only ones who are residing in America but also those concerned citizens in more than 950 cities within 82 countries around the globe. These cities have already started their own movement to promote better economy. Occupy Wall Street movement and other movements started in different parts of the world also used social media with their protests. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were used in letting people join the protests and manage to connect with other protesters easily wherever they are located worldwide.

Many people see that due to the economic problems, the gap between rich people and poor ones have increased and even the net worth and financial wealth of every person belonging in different classes of the society have changed radically. As people check surveys, there are many people who support Occupy Wall Street movement, due to the fact that there are many inequalities happening in the economy of the country. Though there are numerous people from New York and other places may be included in the list of wealthiest people, it cannot still cover the fact that there are still more people who live in poverty, which is the reason why people should Occupy together.