Brazilian Blowout Pros and Cons List

When it comes to new and exciting hair treatments that you can receive at your local salon, Brazilian blowouts are currently trendy, causing a great deal of excitement and buzz, as they have been endorsed by a number of prominent celebrities. However, it is important to fully assess the pros and cons of this hairstyle before you make a drastic change to your personal appearance, so read on for a further investigation.

List of Pros of Brazilian Blowout

1. Great For Tougher Hair
Women who struggle to keep their hair straight often find that a Brazilian blowout is the solution to all of their problems. Hair that is frizzy or tough to manage is much easier to tame after having receiving a Brazilian blowout. It will not straighten the hair permanently, but it will improve the texture, making it easier to work with.

2. Is Not Permanent
The results of a Brazilian blowout are long lasting, but they are not permanent. If you do not enjoy the results of your Brazilian blowout, you are able to grow hair, without being forced to worry about the appearance of a noticeable hairline. The hair all blends together, giving you a beautifully natural look to show off.

3. Can Be Completed Quickly
For a woman who is on the go, she will want a blowout that can be completed relatively quickly. Since a Brazilian blowout is able to be finished within an hour, this certainly fits the bill. Women with hair that is difficult to manage and a busy schedule are typically the biggest beneficiaries when it comes to Brazilian blowouts.

List of Cons of Brazilian Blowout

1. Very Costly
Just because a Brazilian blowout can be completely quickly does not mean that it can be completed cheaply. The price tag for a well done Brazilian blowout can reach as high as $300, which may be too rich for the blood of a fiscally conscious woman. There are also a number of costs associated with the maintenance, adding to your total bill.

2. Strong Presence of Formaldehyde
As to be expected, the presence of chemicals in the Brazilian blowout can provide a health hazard to women are not prepared or are particularly susceptible. Before you receive a Brazilian blowout, be sure to inquire with your hair styling professional about the potential health risks involved.

3. Time Invested Over The Long Haul
A Brazilian blowout can decrease the amount of time you spend at the stylist’s or the amount of time you spend getting ready each day, but it will not decrease your time investment over the long haul. The hair will still need a high level of maintenance and you must be willing to visit the stylist for touch ups as needed, otherwise the hair will not look its best.