The Money Behind #Occupy

The $360,000 Earnings of Occupy Wall Street

The movement Occupy Wall Street has earned over $360,000 on donations from their campaign on WePay. The movement started their campaign on the 5th of August 2011 and after a few months the movement was able to generate an astonishing $360,000.

Top Contributing US States

WePay have presented information on the average donations sizes of top US state participants that have donated for Occupy Wall Street. The info graph shows that Connecticut was the leading US state donor for the movement, contributing over $65.15. This was followed by Hawaii, the state who contributed $60.78. New Jersey was able to give $59.97 and was followed by North Carolina which gave $57.47. New York was the 5th biggest donor, for they were able to give $49.26, which was followed by Georgia which gave $46.38. Massachusetts gave $45.25 and Nevada and New Mexico gave over $44.


All these donors that have been collected were managed in approximately 312 accounts. These 312 accounts were generated to accommodate all donations that come from different states and nations. WePay have also noted that donations on these accounts would arrive every 30 seconds between every donation on peak hours. This statistics of donations just show that many US states are in full support of the movement.

Demographics of Contributors

WePay statistics also show that the number of male donors outnumber female donors. Approximately 64% of Occupy Wall Street donors are male and only 36% are female. In terms of educational attainment, the demographics also show that high school graduates were the leading contributors to the movement. High school graduates consist 42% of donors, college graduates embody the 36%, and graduate school graduates represent the 22%. These records only prove that Occupy Wall Street supporters are educated.

When it comes to the statistics on the annual income of the donors, 44% of donors came from the category of $50k-%100k earners, 26% came from the $100k-$175k earners, 14% for both zero to $35k and $35k-$50k earner. Earners of $175k above comprise 2% of donors. This statistics only prove that many of these supporters are all working and earning.

Worldwide Contributions

But, WePay have also reported that the funds that Occupy Wall Street get is not solely from US states. There were also international contributors. Overall, there were 37 countries which made donations to the movement. One of the most notable donors is Finland, which donated the largest sum per capita. This information only shows that not only US states are supporting the movement. Other nations are pouring in to support as well.

With all these support, it is safe to conclude the Occupy Wall Street will be able to expand wider and larger. The support from educated and working Americans just shows that the movement’s message is able to penetrate through the barriers. It means that many Americans understand what the protests are aiming to achieve and that they can relate to them. These supports just prove that many Americans want to make a better government. The onset of international support is also evident that other nations are sympathizing and cooperating as well.