Supersize Me Statistics

Super Size Me is a documentary film by Morgan Spurlock, who also plays the main character. This is considered as one of the best movies for a lot of people due to the moral lessons that it provides. The presence of this movie will surely give people, primarily to those who are not eating nutritious foods, inspiring lessons. Aside from that, they will also be encouraged to perform helpful diet that will reduce their excess fats in their body. This only means that this is not just a simple movie that can watch by the people, they can gather significant information that will surely add in their knowledge.

Effects of Supersizing

In Supersize Me statistics, many people will see that there is almost 60 percent of Americans who have improper way of eating food that’s why they are experiencing obesity. This movie features the things that obese people do while they are in the obesity stage. Obesity is truly not a good health condition due to various health illnesses that it gives to people. There are times that it brings a certain life in a risky situation that most people don’t want to experience.

In this movie, Morgan is only eating foods from McDonalds 3 times a day. He actually ate each and every item in the menu once. He always ate these foods for about 5,000 kcl or 20.92 megajoules that really give him additional body weight of 11.1 kg. Their level of cholesterol had increased for about 230. Aside from that, he also experiences sexual dysfunction, fat accumulation in the liver, and mood swings, which are the signs and symptoms of an obese individual. This only means that eating fried foods from McDonalds can really make him bigger.


His girlfriend in this film is supervising vegan diet who helped him in removing the excess fats in his body. With the help of his girlfriend who is also a chef, she serves Morgan gourmet vegan dishes. These dishes are free from cholesterol, fats, and high level of sugar. When he performs this kind of diet, he also combines it with exercise in order to have an immediate result. It is truly significant to combine these two if you want to experience having a sexy and healthy body. Due to the unhealthy foods that usually eat by the Americans, they can’t recognize that they are on the obesity process.

This film gains a lot of awards due to the impressive lessons that it gives to the people. It showcases that eating unhealthy foods are not good to the body because it contains ingredients that can add to their weight, which gives them complicated signs and symptoms. They should eat the foods that contain vitamins because it can really keep their from any health illnesses. With this information regarding Supersize Me statistics, many people will be aware on the foods that they eat. And they will also be encouraged to perform regular exercise that can remove excess fats in their body and eventually life a healthier and happier life.