Most Journalist Deaths by Region

Freedom of Expression in Media

Encouraging Freedom of Expressions For All Media

Are you a blogger, news reporter, or just a person with opinions to speak? Well, you actually have the freedom of expressing yourself. It is definitely a fundamental right. You have the freedom to seek, send, and receive information and even share ideas through all forms of media.

The safely of journalists is at stake as they encourage freedom of expression. Each and every day, journalists continue to risk their own lives just to bring people the news. Their works are important to create a better democratic and peaceful world where every person can seek for facts, express opinions, and share ideas.

However, threats for journalists continue to arise. In fact, more than 600 media workers and journalists have been executed in the last ten years. Meaning, 1 media worker or journalist killed each week just for bringing the news. In addition to that, 95% of the victims actually are local media employees or workers who are covering various local stores.

Here is a statistic of the journalists’ deaths by regions in the year 2006-2012. In North America and Europe there is 5%, in Arab States 32%, The Pacific and Asia totals 32%, the Caribbean and Latin America has 19%, and Africa has 12%. This percentage is actually alarming not just to the journalists themselves but to the people as well.

Killed Journalists Between the year 2006-2012

In the year 2006, 70 journalists were killed and the following year 2012, 59 have been killed. With this, it is totally obvious that there really is a threat to the lives of journalists and media workers as they are doing their works. In 2008, 40 journalists were killed followed by a number of 77 in 2009. This only means that the number of crimes that involve killing of journalists has increased. The following year 2010, 65 were killed and 62 in 2011. Well, in the year 2012 the number of killed journalists increased to an alarming number of 121.


Sadly, only 1 out of 10 cases of against social media workers, journalists, and media workers have actually led to conviction. This is a sad fact but it is the reality. The failure of bringing perpetrators to conviction and justice creates an extremely vicious cycle, which needs to be handled fast.

You Should Get Involved – Encourage a Safe Career for the Journalists!

It is definitely safe to upload, it is free to post, safe to have blogs, and it is free to watch online videos. Every person has the right to express their opinions, get involved in various organization or agencies that aim to ensure the psychological and physical safety of the journalists in all media platforms, addressing the increasing impunity levels of crimes against the press freedom. With this, you will be able to encourage freedom of expression in the internet. Journalists and media workers are there to help people gather facts, information, and details essential to their everyday life. Make your own efforts and encourage freedom of expression in all media!