Global Warming Debunked

The concept of global warming is definitely a scary one. The idea that humanity itself is causing its own future extinction is one that certainly motivates people to action. Who wants to give a world that will eventually die to their children? No one. That’s why the scam of global warming is so effective. It plays on the fears that people have regarding death, especially the death of their children and a direct descendent, so that they are inspired to action.

That doesn’t mean that we should be taking care of our planet. There are certainly many easy things that we can all do to make sure that there are plentiful resources for future generations. The other side of the climate change debate, however, is that global warming isn’t about carbon deposits or greenhouse gases. It’s all about the power and the money that come from influencing change.

Warmer Air Isn’t a Pollutant At All

Back in the days of the dinosaurs, we have evidence that the planet was full of large plants. The foliage was very dense. Life with able to thrive. The fossil record confirms this from a scientific standpoint. We also happen to know that carbon dioxide levels during the time of the dinosaurs was up to 10 times what they are currently right now. What does this mean? It means that the gas that were so concerned about, the CO2, is not a pollutant. At best, it is a plant food. This is why it is often pumped into green houses.

It helps plants grow.

This means that contrary to the global warming rhetoric that exists today, it seems that a warmer planet would benefit humanity much more than it would harm it. Any global climate change brings with it new areas of famine and drought, but it also creates new areas of fertile soil that can be used. It is believed that higher O2 levels would present higher plant yields that could create 30% more caloric production for the world today. With the human population at its highest level in history, having more food is not a bad thing.

A Change In the Climate Is Not Unprecedented

Who remembers sitting in a classroom as a kid and learning about the Ice Age? There’s one simple fact that is often overlooked in the global warming scam: it’s the fact that climate change is not unprecedented in the world history. At one point in time, it is known that the waters that are around Florida were actually 300 feet lower than they are today. There was another time in those same waters where they were 100 feet higher than they are today. During the Cryogenian Period, it is scientifically known that the earth was almost completely covered in snow.

There have been four or five potential different ice ages that have happened over the Earth’s history. There are numerous minor climate cycles that occur and what are believed to be 1500 year cycles that involve both cooling and heating. This means that the climate of our planet is about as stable as the average person.

The media likes to say that there is a general consensus among scientists that global warming is definitely in that we all need to be passionate about. The only problem is that there is no such general consensus. Climatologists, in fact, that have several decades of experience will be the first to say that global warming is more of a hoax than it is a fact.

How Easy Would It Be To Solve Global Warming?

Is humanity responsible for climate change? That’s the question that must be answered when looking to solve the problem of global warming. When looking at the theory of global warming, carbon dioxide, which is considered the main gas that is causing the unnatural warming of the planet, is not actually a very efficient gas. It is governed by the law of diminishing returns. There really is nothing special about the levels of CO2 that are in the atmosphere today. Even having higher sea levels for higher temperatures are not bad things the issue within our bias isn’t global warming. It’s rapid change.

Here’s how simple it would be to solve the global warming problem once and for all. The controlled injection of sulfur dioxide into our planet stratosphere would mimic what a large volcanic eruption would provide naturally. With the higher levels of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere, the stratosphere would be able to cool ground temperatures and return them to what we would consider a normal level. This may be in fact why Ice Ages tend to be more common than global warming events.

Billions of dollars have been spent to counteract the amount of carbon dioxide that is in our atmosphere. The United Nations has had several conferences to help bring about treaties that will prevent or limit the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced by any given country. The only problem is this: there is no scientific support for the UN theory on global warming.

Why Can’t Global Warming Be Proven?

The reason why global warming cannot be proven is because the theory is actually based on a set of faulty assumptions. Science requires a level of skepticism in order to prove that theories are actually facts. You look at the language of the UN theory on global warming, at least from a scientific perspective, instead of trying to prove that the theory is fact, they are trying to prove that the assumptions they are making are facts.

In other words, they are trying to disprove the theory. They are desperately searching for information that will support the theory. This makes global warming less of a scientific reality and moral political reality.

Here is what science says: the atmosphere of the planet Earth is dynamic and three-dimensional. To be able to use computer models that can predict climate change require more information than we currently have. If computer models that are used by television stations to predict the weather 10 days out are frequently accurate, imagine what a computer model that attempts to predict global climate change will be in its own accuracy. It just isn’t possible to prove global warming. No computer model that has ever been put forth as been accurate in regards to climate change.

It cannot be. It never could be with the current amount of information that we have.

So why has global warming become a billion-dollar industry for individuals like Al Gore? It is because there is a reliance on the general public’s lack of knowledge regarding the science involved within the debate of global warming. This hoax is perpetrated on a daily basis because unproven theories are presented as facts. When scientists point out information that is contrary to global warming theories, they often have their funding and grants removed for their work marginalized.

Any time misleading information is used as fact, there is a hoax. Looking at the debate of global warming, an open mind tests the information that is being provided to it will discover that there is not enough information to draw inclusive facts about climate change.

Where Is All the Money Going In the Climate Change Debate?

Much of our energy resources involve fossil fuels. This means natural gas, coal, and oil are typically used or transportation, heating, and cooling needs. These fossil fuels help to generate electricity, nuclear power, and the things we need to support the modern lifestyle. Wind and solar power has become a multibillion dollar industry as a push to replace fossil fuels with these renewable resources has reached a fever pitch.

The only problem is this: the Climate Research Unit has been concerned about the earth being in a cooling cycle, not a warming cycle, for almost 2 decades. Internal emails show growing concerns that global cooling, not global warming, is the biggest threat to the planet today. These emails date back to the late 1990’s. If this is in fact true, converting to solar energy and wind energy is creating more damage than anything humanity could produce through carbon dioxide.

So why is there such an emphasis on global warming? The debate on global warming isn’t about climate. It’s about population control. Numerous science advisors in the industrialized world have advocated for for sterilization and abortion. Ridiculous claims that say the debate about global warming is over or that the science is settled is in itself proof of a scam. It is just another form of a totalitarian measure that is being used to perpetrate a hoax.

More people than ever before are recognizing that global warming is in fact the scam. It is important to test the scientific data that comes out of the research in this area. It is the responsibility of each person to look at this data to determine if it is authentic. As more people do this thanks to the amount of information that is on the Internet, they are all coming to the same conclusion.

Global warming has been debunked.