2nd Amendment Pros and Cons List

In the United States, the second amendment is also known as the right to bear arms. This right states that any citizen is allowed to own and carry a firearm or weapon with them, as long as they have the qualifying paper work.

The 2nd Amendment Called into Question

In recent years with terrorist attacks and acts of violence on the rise, many people are calling into question the specifics rights of the second amendment. Supporters of gun rights argue that it is unconstitutional to have stricter levels of gun control, while others argue that the country will remain unsafe until more action is taken regarding the use of guns.

With such strong opinions on both sides, it may be hard to figure out which position to take regarding gun laws and control. Take a look at some of the pros and cons for the second amendment use to form an opinion for yourself.

Pros of the Second Amendment

1. The Right to Bear Arms
The premise of the second amendment itself gives any qualifying citizen the opportunity to wield a weapon for their protection and the protection of others. If the second amendment was repealed or constricted in some way, criminals would undoubtedly operate outside of the law regardless of any changes made.

2. Creating a Sense of Security for Citizens
The idea behind the second amendment is that citizens have as much of a right to their own self protection as the police do. While law enforcement is an essential part of any society, there are bad situations that require immediate action. Having access to a gun in these kinds of cases is imperative to the survival of those involved.

Often times, citizens will carry guns without ever having to draw them, but the feeling of security that carrying a gun offers is essential.

3. Reducing Crime and Deterring Criminals
When an individual does experience crime or an attack scenario, drawing a gun on the criminal has been proven to be incredibly effective. In most situations, when a criminal is faced with a gun, they will discontinue their attack.

Having a life-threatening weapon in the event of criminal attack is almost always successful as most criminals do not want to risk their life for whatever it is they wanted from you. In the most serious of scenarios, having a gun and knowing how to use it will help you protect yourself and your loved ones if the criminal does continue their attack.

Cons of the Second Amendment

1. Increased Potential for Crimes and Gun Related Situations
When citizens are granted the rights to bear arms, this essentially means that almost anyone has the ability to get their hands on a gun. Although there are specific requirements for who can and can’t own a gun, certain people are qualified to own a gun do end up committing some kind of gun related crime.

The fact that people themselves are unpredictable, it is hard to fully and completely assess the character and intentions of an individual. Having a gun to some people can mean a quick route to life-threatening violence. It has been a recurring theme amongst perpetrators of gun related attacks that they were ordinary, sane citizens until “one day they just snapped”.

2. Creates and Unsafe Environment
Individuals that are against the second amendment often argue that having ordinary citizens that carry guns and weapons make the environment unsafe. For a lot of those against the right to bear arms, it is hard to fathom that everyone owning a gun will have the best intentions in mind, at all times.

It isn’t uncommon to hear a story of someone losing their temper and shooting someone, out of drunken anger. Being asked to entrust the safety of others to individuals that are at varying levels of emotional and mental stability is something that many people are not comfortable with.

3. The Right to Bear Arms is Unconstitutional
Due to the nature of the Constitution, the amendments themselves are left up to interpretation. Over the years, the interpretation of each amendment can differ base on who is reading it and what kind of agenda they have themselves.

In the case of the 2nd amendment, it can be argued that citizens are not granted the right to Bear arms at all. Many interpret this amendment as the right for those in the military to bear arms. In this interpretation, security and defense would be left up to law enforcement. For some, this idea seems like the best option for everyone.

No matter where you stand on gun control and laws, knowing and understanding your rights will make you a better citizen. Take some time to truly understand both sides of the argument for and against the second amendment before making your own decision.