Building 7 Debunked

The thousands of lives that were taken in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were more than just a tragedy. They were a targeted attempt to change the way of life that industrialized nations have enjoyed for decades. To take that many lives willingly is something that the average person has a difficult time comprehending. Because of this, conspiracy theories of a grand design crop up from time to time. One of the most popular conspiracy theories from September 11 involves the fall of Building 7.

Why Is WTC Building 7 at the Heart of So Many Myths?

The problem with WTC Building 7 is that it fell several hours after the twin towers were struck by commercial airplanes. Because it felt so long afterward, many feel like this is evidence that it wasn’t terrorism that carried out the attacks that took so many lives. In news film, it has often been pointed out that there was very little damage to this building when it fell.

The only problem is that there actually is evidence that there was severe damage to this building. Videos have been released that show that there is an extensive fire on Building 7 and that intense heat was present which would damage the foundations of the building. The myth of Building 7 is that explosives were used to bring down the building. Because of the way the building fell, experts have testified that only explosives could bring it down.

Yet the video clearly shows that an intense fire caused the metal beams of the building to buckle. As the beams buckled, the building was able to collapse internally. This is why the building came straight down instead of toppling over for having debris spill out as the twin towers did when they disintegrated. The building was gutted from the inside out. It had no chance to stay standing.

The 9/11 Commission Report Offers a Legitimate Explanation

Although Building 7 was not connected to the primary complex across the street, there were two pedestrian bridges that connected the World Trade Center complex. Building 7 fell at 5:21 PM, nearly 8 hours after the twin towers fell, and the collapse was fairly similar. Video clearly shows that the metal support frames are buckling. This video evidence backs up what the 9/11 Commission found during their investigation.

Events of this magnitude are often very difficult to describe. It’s a surreal environment at best. The emotions that people feel are sometimes once-in-a-lifetime emotions. We seek out explanations that make sense to us a personal level and that’s why these myths exist. Because there was no water to Building 7, the fire was allowed to rage out of control. The evidence is clear: the fires and damage caused by the commercial airliner impacts on the twin towers is what brought down this building. It was not the impact of the debris himself that was problematic in this instance.

The Building 7 conspiracy theory has been debunked.