Acrylic Nails Pros and Cons List

The beauty industry is continuously thriving through its high-quality beauty accessories and enhancements that bring you a giant step closer to achieving that perfect look you were always after. As the business is closely following trends and watches over our beauty needs, now you can easily find yourself in a position where all kind of beauty enhancement tools, techniques and accessories are available. Acrylic nails are one of the oldest forms of artificial nail enhancements, now being the most common and popular choice on the market for years, providing you with a quality option to get the looks you were always after. Before deciding on your next nail style we created a list of pros and cons about the most iconic and popular nail enhancement. Hopefully, this list can help you make your next decision when choosing your next artificial nail enhancements.

List of Pros of Acrylic Nails

1. Applicable to weak nails
There are a number of other enhancements which can put a great stress on your nails, which can have serious consequences on their healthiness on the long-term. You can have a hard time finding the right enhancement for weaker nails, as weaker ones cannot handle high amounts of stress. Luckily, acrylic nails can be applied to all kind of nails, even to the weaker ones, as they do not put such stress on them.

2. Can help you breaking your bad habit
Ladies who find it hard to get rid of their nail biting habit might be surprised, by the fact that having acrylic nails can help them stop biting. The acrylic material is hard to damage, which will not only leave you with beautiful nails, even if you are biting it but might help you on the way fighting your bad habit.

3. Reliable
As mentioned earlier, acrylic nails are the oldest types of nail enhancements on the market, which ensures that nail technicians already have a great experience working with this material. This way, you can keep yourself from the headache of trying something new and hoping for a good result keeping your fingers crossed hopelessly. As nail technicians have been working with acrylic nails for decades, they have an outstanding expertise in applying and removing them. This way, you don’t have to worry about the side effects, or that you will end up with a result that you never wanted.

4. Cheaper
If you choose acrylic nails you will not only get a quality and reliable nail enhancement that has been around for years, but you will also make a wallet-friendly decision as it costs much less than its counterparts. At the end of the day, everyone is much more content if her decision not only delivered the desired result and quality but also had a lighter effect on her wallet.

5. Easy to fix
Opposed to other nail enhancements, acrylic nails require less effort to be fixed, therefore, in case one of them brakes it will have a much lighter effect on your wallet. There are some other DIY options, where you can also repair your nails yourself with the right set of tools at home, in case of an emergency.

6. They last longer
Acrylic nails also stand out from the crowd by lasting much longer than other nail enhancements. For example, compared to gel nails, acrylic lasts much longer, therefore you won’t have to visit the nail salon that often, which can also help you save some money and tremendous time.

7. Can be soaked off
Another reason to choose acrylic nails is that you can soak them off at home without professional assistance. Of course, we always recommend you to consult your nail technician and do your research before starting the process at home. However, the fact that you can optionally do it yourself can once again save you time and money in the long run.

8. Great looks
Acrylic can add a great and unique look to your nails. By applying acrylic, you can also easily add length to your nails based on your taste and style. There are many alternate style options, once again because this material has been on the market for quite a time now. Expert nail technicians can help you achieve the looks that you were after, while you can pick from a great variety of styles and tones.

After covering all the positive sides of choosing the acrylic as your next nail enhancement, to provide you with a full picture we also need to address the possible negative effects of acrylic nail enhancements. So let’s see the negative aspects that might have an affect on your decision and some potential effects which you should keep an eye on.

List of Cons of Acrylic Nails

1. When the looks do not meet your taste
As acrylic nail enhancements are artificial products, you might find that the style they give you are not matching your taste. You might think that they seem a bit fake compared to enhancements focusing on giving better natural looks. Obviously, this is a question of taste, but keep in mind that acrylics deliver a different look compared to its counterparts. First, make sure that the look will meet your taste before going for acrylic next time. Also look for a professional nail technician to deliver you a look as close to natural as possible while providing you with style options to choose from.

2. Potential damage
There is a slight chance that the artificial material will damage your natural nail underneath. In case this happens, it will be harder for your natural nail to regrow once there is an artificial enhancement above it. Besides, damaged nails can easily become the breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Make sure you take care of your newly enhanced nails properly to avoid such effects.

3. Application effects
There are potential side effects when applying acrylic enhancements, as the application involves using chemicals, which can lead to fume formation. Before starting the process, consult your nail technician and make sure that you are not allergic to the chemicals or the fumes that will be present.

4. Regular refill required
Even though we mentioned that it is a smart investment to choose acrylic nails, sadly there is no nail enhancement on the market that would not need any regular refills. Acrylic nails will need you to refill them about once a month, which is a regular expense that you should calculate with.

Hopefully, the list of pros and cons can help you make your next decision and reassure you that acrylic nails are a good investment, that can deliver you the desired look and style. Just as every other solution on the market, acrylics also have their drawbacks, mainly because they are made of an artificial material, however, the popularity and success of acrylic nails are indisputable. Consult your expert nail technician for further advises and do a thorough research before deciding on your next nail enhancement. Acrylic enhancement is surely one of the top choices out there. Simply just make sure that you are aware of all the pros and cons that come with this stylish look, so nothing can get you surprised on your way to achieving perfect beauty.