Zapruder Film Hoax Debunked

The conspiracy theories about the assassination of John F. Kennedy have been floating through American society for decades. From the mysterious umbrella man that is shown in Frame 313 of the Zapruder to film to the constant theories of the grassy knoll and the second gunman, numerous fantasies have attempted to account for what happened on that fateful day in Dallas so long ago. More than 50 years later, this film that was shot by a dressmaker named Abraham Zapruder shows 26 seconds that change the world.

The only problem is that this film could very well be a hoax. The film analysis is still disputed to this day. The film shows in graphic detail the actual events that occurred when Kennedy was assassinated. It also shows a gunshot striking Kennedy in the head and the motorcade speeding off as the first lady climbs out of her seat. Three copies of the film were made and tumor given to the Secret Service. The other was sold to life magazine.

Was There a Second Gunman in Dallas?

There is some evidence to show that this film is actually genuine. There were images that were captured outside of the frame of the film, the tween the areas that were punched for the sprockets. These images were actually present on the copies that were made of the original film, which gives a certain level of authenticity to the original film.

The problem is that at one point, Abraham stopped filming. It started shooting film when a motorcycle turned down Elm Street, but stopped when he realized that it wasn’t Kennedy who was going to be driving by. He resumed filming at a later point when the presidents car first became visible where he was. This is why the film is often thought of as a hoax. The suggestion is that the film has been spliced there are pieces of the film that have been removed.

There Were Anomalies Detected In the Evidence

Although the film in question was determined to be authentic after 100 days of close study, when the images were digitized, there were several anomalies that were detected. This was particularly true in the autopsy photos. They were able to bring out details that had not been previously visible. It is unknown, however, if these anomalies actually provide additional evidence of a hoax or a cover-up. For example, there is a bump that is on Kennedy’s forehead. The detail does not how how the bump got there. It could have happened when they were putting Kennedy on a stretcher.

Some facts can still not be denied. When the film was first sent to Washington DC, they went to the top CIA facility and was classified as a top-secret item. Would you make a murder investigation, one that involves the President of the United States, top-secret? That’s the question that is still asked today. The few records that remain sealed regarding the Kennedy assassination are expected to be released within the next several months. Until then, the hoax of this film has been reasonably debunked.