List of Pros and Cons of Oil Energy

Oil energy is one of the most substantial and cost effective source of energy. It is a non-renewable source of energy and is used in automobiles, planes, machinery, and engines. It has both pros and cons which is listed below.

List of Pros of Oil Energy

1. Easy Accessibility and Cost Effective
Oil energy is produced in many countries worldwide making it easily accessible everywhere. The fact that oil is found in liquid state makes its transportation easier and quicker through pipelines.

In comparison to other non-renewable energies, oil energy is found to be much more cost effective.

2. Substantial Energy
Oil is a very substantial energy. It is recorded to have one of the highest energy densities. With a little amount of oil, a large amount of energy can be produced.

Thus it is used to run industrial machinery in factories, vehicles and airplanes.

3. Constant and Reliable Source
Unlike other energies like energy produced from the wind or sun, oil energy is constant in its ability to provide source. It can be used without break throughout the day as long as there is storage.

Oil energy is the most reliable form of energy and it is used in lesser amount for a longer period of time because of its high energy density.

4. Easily Produced and Refined
The task of producing oil is not that daunting. In fact, it is much easier to produce oil energy than other sources of energy.

From locating the oil field to refining the oil for supply of energy, it is done systematically within a less period of time.

5. Enhances Economic Growth
The economic growth of a nation relies highly on oil energy. It is used to run vehicles, machines and engines alike and makes work easier.

Since it completes high and large amount of work in less time, it enhances the economic growth. Oil energy also provides jobs to people who are employed in extracting or supplying oil.

List of Cons of Oil Energy

1. Non-Renewable Source
Though oil energy provides efficient work and is cheap and cost effective, it is a non-renewable source of energy. If people fail to use it judiciously, it will use up the energy in the near future.

2. Cause of Environmental Pollution
When oil energy is used, it leaves harmful gases like carbon-di-oxide, methane, etc as residue. The gases pollutes the air and trap heat which causes problems like global warming.

3. Hazards of Oil Leaks
Oil leaks are very hazardous both to mankind and wildlife. It can cause mass environmental disasters due to explosion or pollution. It takes many years to clean up environment which is affected by oil leaks.

4. Disasters of Oil Drilling
Workers who drill oils face high risk of disasters and explosion. Many workers have lost their life in explosions and mass disasters while drilling oil.