Writing a Progressive Era DBQ Essay

Say you are in a History class and there is a coming up DBQ essay, don’t panic. It must be easy provided that you have been paying most attention in class, and know these following steps, you will do just amazing.

Be informed that you’ll be provided only 15 minutes to comprehend the prompt, study the documents, and work with the pre-writing. Once your 15 minutes is finished, it is then your time to start writing. The following section should cover the 15 minutes.

Comprehend the prompt. Figure out what form of evidence you are going to get in the documents in accordance to the given prompt question. Always underline or circle the particular society or societies that are asked about, the period of time, and the main concepts, such as cultural or economic problems which have been mentioned within the prompt. A DBQ essay will request you from doing any of the following concepts:

Prompt No.1
Study the extent on which the historical label is true for the provided concept or period. For instance: Determine the point to which Suffragettes had been depicted as uncivilized, manly women between the years 1890 and 1920.

Prompt No.2
Study manifold reasons which cause a certain movement from rising. For instance: Determine the reasons behind the momentum gained by the Progressive Movement in the years 1890 to 1920 within the United States.

Prompt No.3
Contrast and compare conflicting attitudes toward the policy or concept. For instance: Contrast and compare the conflicting attitudes toward the rights of women in America between years 1890 and 1920.

Prompt No.4
Determine the extent of truth within a certain statement. Get a standpoint on such statement. For instance: Determine the extent of truth in this statement: The rights of women were a primary division of the Progressive Era in the United States between years 1890 and 1920.

Prompt No.5
Identify the impact of the concept or event on a few parts of the American society. For instance: determine the impact of the Progressive Era on the American society during years 1890 and 1920.

Prompt No.6
Determine the pertinent importance of the certain factor or factors on the concept or event. For instance: Determine the importance of the roles of women in WWI to the transitory of the nineteenth amendment in year 1920.

Consider what external information regarding the time period, theme, or societies, come to mind. It must be the pieces of information that you’ve learned from your class or comprehend about from your textbook. This external information should compose most of the essay. You must use the provided documents in order to support such external information. External information could be history events, some themes you’ve studied about the particular period of time you’re writing about, people, movement, and more. You may then list down the related external information on one piece of draft paper.

Identify your perspective or opinion regarding the prompt. See if there is any particular answer which pops up at you. Considering these tips when writing a Progressive Era DBQ essay should be a great help for finishing your work easily and confidently.

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