Writing a Cold War DBQ Essay

DBQ essays or document based question essays are essay that are designed to determine how much a student is able to extract and comprehend information regarding a subject, thesis or discussion that is presented. Instructors would often provide students a copy of a certain narrative which they are instructed to read. They will be given a definite time and when the time is up, they will then be instructed to write an essay. The essay can have a word limit or not and the content should be everything about what the presented document is about.

Purpose of a DBQ Essay on Cold War

DBQ essays regarding cold war is designed to give students understanding of what the cold war is all about. The essay should include the definite years of the war, the significant dates, the reasons behind the discussions, the nations involved and the effects of the war on the nation’s people. Basically, the cold war is a complicated discussion and there is lots of necessary information that is included, which is why it is a challenge for students on how they will have to decipher important aspects of the cold war in such a limited amount of time.

Reason for Cold War

The cold war is basically a war between the Soviet Union and the United States between the years of 1941 and 1949. The reason behind the war is basically about disagreements on political affairs. As you can see, the Soviet Union as a communist nation aims to spread communism in other nations. United States, as a major capitalist nation wants to reduce the reach of communism and expand capitalism. The differences between their aspirations have led to a major political conflict. Both sides have used different strategies and tactics just to make what they are yearning for a reality.

Effects of the Cold War

The effects of cold war on the nation’s people were tremendous. They feel a sense of insecurity as if at any moment the other country will be firing bombs at them. During the World War II, the bombings are basically the main reason for their fears. Wars in Europe and in East Asia were destructive, and the United States and the Soviet Union fear that they would endure the same. This is the reason why both countries have safeguarded themselves by forcing their people to work as soldiers and help in ammunition factories in creating shells and guns. These have generally disrupted the normal flow of life in these nations. Children are limited from moving a lot and every time there are sirens, people would cringe in fear of open firing, looting and bombings.

A cold war DBQ essay is one of the most educational essays that are necessary in giving students a glimpse of how these nations were like during the war. Cold war essays also increase the awareness of students about history and the importance of paying tribute to lost lives and heroes who have helped in building the nations of the present. Without these heroes, the nations of today would never be the same.