Animals in Captivity Pros and Cons List

Animals are amazing creatures that can open our eyes to the beauty and wonder that surrounds us in the world. Taking a trip to the zoo can seem like fun for the whole family and allow you to see exotic animals up close. However, there are some people that are against having animals in captivity within zoos. There are many people that feel no animals should be held captive at all. You might not know how you feel about animals being in captivity, so it is time that you learned what the pros and cons of animals in captivity really are. You might be surprised by what the pros and cons may be.

Pros of Animals in Captivity

Better Habitats
Even though zoo animals are in captivity, thy are still in habitats that meet their needs. This means that they are given all the things that they need to survive. In animal terms, this means that they are often living in better houses than they would be if they were in the wild. The enclosures that they are living in are as close to their natural habitat as possible. This means that not just any animal can be kept in the zoo and that strict procedures are followed to make sure that the habitat is close to what the animal would have in the wild.

Animals that are in captivity also have a better survival rate. This means that they are more likely to breed due to the breeding programs that are in place at the zoo. It should also be noted that animals that are living in captivity are less likely to be killed or deal with the risks of the wild. This means that the animals that are in captivity are actually a lot safer than they would be if they were exposed to the threats of the wild.

Cons of Animals in Captivity

The main issue that people who are opposed to animals in captivity have are the conditions of the zoos. There are many people that feel the conditions of the zoos are not up to par and that animals are living in an environment that is not best suited to meet their needs. This is because the natural habitat for many animals is not easy to create within the confines of a zoo. For this reason, some feel that no animals should be held captive.