Polygamy Pros and Cons List

Polygamy is a social, culture or a religious practice wherein a man or woman can have a relationship with two or more women or men respectively. Polygamy is not essentially about marriage or sexual relationships. Even a romantic relationship, which is platonic in nature, outside marriage or when one has a partner already, will fall under the ambit of polygamy if the practice is recognized and legalized.

Today, most societies have outlawed polygamy. Some countries still allow men to have more than one wife. There are two types of polygamy, the practice for men is known as polygyny and the practice in case of women is known as polyandry.

List of Pros of Polygamy

1. Freedom to Choose
A human being has the right to be happy. He or she must also have the right to choose without being subjected to any pressure or containment. Polygamy allows humans that right. Men can choose to be with whoever they want and with more than one woman if they want. Women have the same choice. Since living one’s life the way one wants is a fundamental right, polygamy allows the basic freedom to choose.

2. Polygamy is Empowering
A man choosing to have two wives or more, and even if the multiple affairs do not lead to marriage, will need to financially provide for the woman. Traditionally, men have been the provider and women have been the homemaker. For men, polygamy is financially empowering. For women, polygamy is a great leveler. If men have the right to choose multiple women then women must also have the right to be with multiple men.

3. Larger Families
A man having multiple wives will have several children and there would be larger families. In an age when small families don’t have many or any relative around, having larger families may be emotionally, socially and physically more empowering. Everyone can help one another so even the household chores become less tedious. Responsibility is shared so everyone can support one another.

4. More Love, No Adultery
Adultery exists and love often has diminishing returns. With more love courtesy polygamy, there would be no adultery and people will be happier.

List of Cons of Polygamy

1. It is Abusive
Polygamy has often been used by men but has seldom been granted to women. Polygamy can become abusive when a man chooses to exploit the practice. One can be unfair to one wife or all the wives and still have them take care of the household, the family and he can have all the love and fun he wants.

2. Unfair & Unreasonable
Polygamy institutionalizes jealousy. No couple is exclusive so there is less bonding. Someone or the other will be neglected and it is unfair towards kids.

3. Only Sex, No Love
Polygamy establishes a culture of having sex with multiple women or men without really having any love or emotional investment.