Shingles Vaccine Pros and Cons List

Shingles is a viral infection that affects older people, usually those aged fifty and above. It is a painful condition characterized by rashes. The pain and discomfort along with the unsightly rash can be very difficult to bear. Shingles vaccine can prevent the viral outbreak. Since it is not known what reactivates the virus that causes chicken pox in kids, it is considered advisable to opt for the shingles vaccine. However, there are some shingles vaccine pros and cons. The viral infection is not fatal so many people question if a vaccine is at all needed.

List of Pros of Shingles Vaccine

1. Proactive Treatment for Shingles
Shingles vaccine helps prevent the viral infection. Those aged fifty and above, especially those in sixties, will be at increased risk of developing shingles. There are available remedies that can reduce the pain or limit the viral outbreak but it is deemed desirable to prevent the infection in the first place when a solution exists. Proactive treatment is always better than reactive medication. Hence, shingles vaccine makes absolute sense and is desirable. Those who have endured the pain and discomfort of the condition know how life altering the vaccine can be.

2. Informed & Mature Decision
Shingles vaccine is not administered to kids. It is only recommended in mid fifties or early sixties. Since one can wait till retirement to choose the vaccine, one can weigh the pros and cons, consider the possibility of having shingles and can make an informed mature decision. Kids don’t get to choose the vaccines administered during infancy. In case of shingles vaccine, no one is really forcing the older adults to take them.

List of Cons of Shingles Vaccine

1. Limited Data on Long Term Effects
There is limited data and research available to provide an idea of the long term effects of shingles vaccine. It is quite possible that there are no side effects in the long term but since there is no irrefutable proof, one cannot be sure.

2. Not For Everyone
Shingles vaccine is not suitable for anyone with an autoimmune disorder or a weak immune system. People having AIDS or other immune diseases cannot opt for the proactive cure of shingles.

3. Side Effects
Shingles vaccine is not suited for pregnant women. It is also not suited for couples who wish to become parents. There are many side effects, including allergic reactions, pain, redness, headaches, itching and swelling at the injection site. The cost of shingles vaccine is not covered by every insurer.