List of Pros and Cons of Living in California

California is one of the largest states in the country, with several major cities and some of the warmest weather in the United States. The state tends to draw its fair share of transplants and many people have taken the time to consider the move. However, a move of this undertaking requires a person to consider the pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of living in the Golden State.

List of Pros of Living In California

1. Great Weather
California is filled with transplants from the East Coast and the Midwest, people who were seeking refuge from the hard winters of their youth. California is known as the land of sunshine and this is a major reasons why so many tourists and re-locators flock in droves. Little to no snow and sunshine all year around is a tough combination to beat.

2. Activities and Attractions
No matter what your interests are, California can provide you activities and attractions. Disneyland is a common site for visitors to frequent and those who are considering the move to California may also wish to take some of California’s wide range of regular sporting events.

3. Affluent Neighborhoods
For those who have money to burn and love fun in the sun, California has a number of affluent neighborhoods where a family can make a lifelong home. Some may prefer to be closer to the beaches of Malibu, while others may choose Beverly Hills, due to its proximity to some of the finest shopping available anywhere in the world.

List of Cons of Living In California

1. Natural Disasters
One of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to living in California is the high occurrence of natural disasters. California experiences regular earthquakes, mudslides, forest fires and also carries a high risk for tsunamis. With such a high density of population, these disasters can cause widespread injuries and even death.

2. Poorly Run
The state government of California has been a national laughingstock for some time now. systems and school systems are both running at a deficit and state officials seem to believe that the solution to prison overpopulation is to simply build more prisons. To say that California faces a lot of problems down the road is an understatement.

3. Air Pollution
California struggles with air pollution more than any other state in the country. Smog clouds can typically be seen during the daylight hours and while the pollution makes for a much more beautiful sunset, it also makes much less clean air for our children to breathe. While California is attempting to use more solar power in an effort to decrease pollution, the damage has already been done.