Laminin Hoax Debunked

In an attempt to prove that God is the creator of all things, a minority of Christians are promoting the idea that the Laminin protein is proof of the Biblical account of creation that is found in Genesis. The evidence is that Laminin comes in the form of a cross. Because Jesus was reportedly crucified on a cross and it is a modern symbol of Christianity, the next logical step has been to claim that cross-shaped proteins are evidence of God’s design, especially since it’s job is to bind things together.

How Is This a Hoax?

Let’s take a look at three basic facts about Laminin right now.

1. It’s not actually in the shape of a cross. It can actually be in a number of difference shapes and the exact reproduction of the proteins is never 100% complete.
2. The cross shape is used in academics to help explain what the functions of the Laminin is.
3. The actual Laminin is not upright, but on its side, meaning that at best, it is more reminiscent of a sword than anything else.

The issue at hand with the Laminin hoax is validation. Some people need to have some sort of believable evidence to validate their religious faith. The only problem is that the nature of religion is that it is a faith in the things that are unseen. By forcing unverifiable claims on the public as fact, Christians who promote Laminin as evidence of creation are by proxy committing a sin.

Is the Christian Cross Even an Accurate Symbol?

There is even a debate in the Christian community that the symbol of the cross may be inaccurate. The word that has been translated into cross may also refer to a stake or a “tree.” These types of crucifixions would have looked more like a capital “T” than a lower case “t” that represents the cross.

Apophenia is something that happens with all humans. It’s a bias that causes everyone to see patterns in information that does not exist. The Bible Code is another classic example of apophenia. Because people want to see certain patterns or information in data that is available to them, they will do so and cause it to be fact. It seems like a legitimate fact to the person viewing the data. Because all other input has been closed off, either purposely or not, there is not counter-data to include.

Here’s a final point to consider: Exodus 20:4 instructs people not to make graven images. The inclusion of a cross-shaped Laminin protein on purpose would make Christianity become a “do as I say, not as I do” type of religion. That attitude doesn’t work very well for consistency. With the scientific evidence and a complete view of Biblical history, it is easy to say that creation evidence through Laminin is a hoax.