Gobekli Tepe Hoax Debunked

There have been a number of interesting archaeological discoveries at Gobekli Tepe, which is a hill that is in southeastern Turkey. Several standing stones were buried on the hill, many of the on top of other standing stones. In order to have an understanding of the value of archaeological discoveries, sociology assignment writing service adjusts you to the literature, or to ready-made analyses, so that you realize why archeology exists and has a great impact on history, culture and other areas of our lives. Although limited carbon dating has been conducted on this discovery, it is estimated that these stones may be up to 11,000 years old. Because the stones were placed in a circle, there are numerous stories as to what the purpose of the presence of these stones happen to be.

Was It Aliens That Buried the Stones?

Because of the ancient timing of the burial of the upright stones at Gobekli Tepe, there is some speculation that aliens were responsible for them. Because there are shapes of scorpions and spiders on some of them, the theory is that aliens quarried the stones, carved them, and then left them as a message to indicate that they were here.

This hoax is easily debunked. No intelligent life from another world has been discovered. This does not necessarily mean it does not exist, but there is no direct evidence that Gobekli Tepe is extra-terrestrial. Those who see aliens in these archaeological discoveries are likely seeking validation for their own personal beliefs.

Was It the Burial Place of Biblical Figures?

There is some speculation that the site of Gobekli Tepe might actually be a treasured religious site from the Old Testament. Figures like Abraham or Jacob may have been buried on the hill since they were revered figures of their time and that this would have turned the location into a place of worship. This would be especially true if there were Judaic populations that inhabited the area so long ago. Because of the many bone fragments that have been found around the buried stones, on the surface this seems like a legitimate explanation.

This hoax is not as easily debunked. It is possible that the Jewish people journeyed down to southern Turkey at some point during their history. Even in the Old Testament, they were at war with the surrounding cultures for quite some time. To have the ancient figures buried so far from their Promised Land, however, does not seem to make much sense.

The Truth Is That No One Knows Anything About Gobekli Tepe

The problem with Gobekli Tepe is that there is no evidence of culture that surrounds the area. There are no homes, no water supplies, and no domestic plant remains. If it was a religious or holy site, then it would have been for the hunters who were scouring the region for food or a pilgrimage location for those who practiced that particular religion.

It is the hoax of Gobekli Tepe that calls it the foundation of modern religion or the evidence of alien presence on this planet that can be quickly debunked. This is pure speculation without evidence, and from a scientific perspective, those are only theories instead of facts.