Steven Greer Hoax Debunked

If you’ve ever witnessed a Dr. Steven Greer lecture, then you’ve probably noticed that his talks are a lot like reading a James Patterson novel. You get about two or three pages of data, then a new chapter begins with different data. You’re left with the idea that all of these ideas are cohesive, but in reality, what Greer has left you with is a lot of assumptions. By placing UFO cases and witness accounts into one lecture, participants are left believing that they are all interconnected.

The only problem is that the Steven Greer hoax is one that can easily be debunked. There is no analysis of evidence, no verification of any claim, and no due diligence taken. Based on that set of circumstances, anyone could say that they were from Alpha Centauri, sent to Earth to mate with 2,000 humans, and then kidnap the off-spring from that coupling to Mars to establish a new alien hybrid colony and have it be fact.

Was September 11 All a Conspiracy?

The 2001 Disclosure Project was a massive press conference that allowed Greer to make a lot of amazing claims about extra-terrestrial life, but none of those claims could be verified. According to him, this is because the press was only given 4 months to completely verify his facts. When September 11, 2001 came and its tragic events changed the world, the press was obviously preoccupied by such a story.

In other words, the terrorists were a conspiracy to stop the proof of extra-terrestrial life from being finally proven as true.

To that extent, Greer followed up his press conference a dozen years later with a UFO documentary called “Sirius.” He basically makes two claims in this movie: that free energy is possible and that there is evidence of a dead alien. This leads to a natural question: why are all aliens in UFO documentaries dead?

Should Greer Be Considered As Entertainment Only?

The problem that Steven Greer has is that in order to establish his own credibility, he has been forced to exaggerate or explicitly lie in order to make his case for UFOs. Even his alleged conversation about UFOs with the Director of the CIA was not anywhere near what everyone else at that gathering remembers and they put their memories into response letters to discredit Greer’s claims.

As for the alien that appears in Greer’s film, the fact that it is being cross-promoted as an ancient human with dwarfism and an alien at the same time means that there is something completely wrong with whatever this “corpse” happens to be. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the next promotional claims be that this figure is an alien human hybrid that was sent to Mars.

With zero verifiable facts and only a large number of stories that are repeatedly told, it is clear that Steven Greer is committing a large hoax on the general public. Once the “facts” are tested, they don’t stand up to any scrutiny. That is the classic definition of a life.