Holocaust Webquest Example

A wise educator once said that discovery is the only way students gain ownership to what they are learning. This holocaust webquest example was developed to provide you the opportunity and ownership of the Holocaust Unit that you have been recently studying. Your teacher has lectured for hours and tells you everything he/she knows about the Holocaust. This time, this Holocaust webquest example will help you make discoveries and guide you through the education journey of Holocaust.

Holocaust Webquest Example: The Quest

In this holocaust webquest example, your task is to discover its history and discover its perpetrators, bystanders, rescuers, and victims. You will learn about the people, places, and important events. You need to discover how holocaust started and what happened during a specific era of time. You will become educated on an important part of the world’s history and literature.

General Resource

You can use the Holocaust Encyclopedia to discover important information about the holocaust history, but you can search the internet for websites that contain essential information and facts about Holocaust.

Holocaust Webquest Example: Questions

The questions in this Holocaust webquest example must be answered on separate tablet of paper, and should be answered in depth.

1. Describe the Nuremburg and Kristallnacht laws.
2. Discuss the traditions hatred of Jews in a brief paragraph.
3. Pick one among the survivors and make a summary of their story in two paragraphs.
4. Who were targeted during the Holocaust period?
5. Why do you think that those people/ groups are targeted? The answer to this question must be one paragraph long.
6. Summarize the role of Heinrich Himmler during the Holocaust.
7. Describe the life of the victims contained in one of the concentration camps. Describe in detail.
8. What was the daily life like to these victims?
9. What is the meaning of C.A.N.DL.E.S?
10. Explain whom Mengele was and what is his role or contribution in the Holocaust period?
11. Explain deeply the position of the United States during, and after the Holocaust, and why do think they took the position?
12. List and describe the three most important events that partake during the Holocaust.
13. Summarize and explain the meaning of EINSATGRUPPEN.
14. Explore other Holocaust websites and report in front of the class what you learned.

You will need to use the internet to answer this Holocaust webquest example. Use as many websites as you can to ensure that you answered all these questions in detail. You also need to include the links of your resources in your answer sheets to back up your report.


Your performance will be graded by your teacher based on the following;

• Accuracy and Authority
• Advocacy and Objectivity
• Currency and Coverage
• Variety of Media
• MLA Format and Grade

Once you have completed your research, you will be able to identify the groups of people in the Holocaust period. You must tabulate your research and provide the class and your teacher with a hard copy before you share what you have discovered about the Holocaust.

Holocaust Timeline and Facts