Romeo and Juliet Webquest Example

This Romeo and Juliet webquest example will enable you learn important information and facts about the iconic novel “Romeo and Juliet.” The task in this Romeo and Juliet webquest example will allow you to have an idea about the important characters and things that you do not know about the novel.


Shakespeare is known as a great novel writer, but people do not know much about him and his work. After you finished this Romeo and Juliet webquest example, you can say many things about him, and about his precious work “Romeo and Juliet.” You will be participating in play competition, and reenact the Romeo and Juliet tragedy. In order to do this right, you need to complete the task in this Romeo and Juliet webquest example.


Groups of Three
First, you will need to divide the members into groups of 3. You have to prepare a report that is relevant on the age of Shakespeare, and about his novel “Romeo and Juliet.” It is important that the report includes the information and facts you think important. It must include Shakespeare’s life and times, the Romeo and Juliet play, the theater during the Shakespearean era, and adaptations of Romeo and Juliet in music and films.

You need to choose a group of three and assign a role onto each group, the art reporter, the biographer, and the literacy critic. You can use the resources on the topic that you had been assigned to gather information about each role. Follow the instructions given to your by your teacher for each roles that have been assigned to your team. Then, you need to collect as much information as possible that you think useful in presenting the final report.

Examine and analyze all of the information gathered, and then discuss within the group what you have found, what information you find interesting, and the facts that you think relevant to the topic, and then organize your work. Ask about things that you don’t understand, and give suggestions about the aspects of Shakespeare’s biography, and the play.

You can use expressions and vocabulary in writing your report, but you also need to include your own works in making your report let your teacher know that you understand the topic. After putting everything together, all members of the group must read and comment on the final report. You can include pictures in presenting your final report.

Your work will be assessed based on its content, grammatical and spelling accuracy, and visual presentation. Make sure to revise your work for any errors in these aspects to ensure that you will obtain high ratings.

This Romeo and Juliet Webquest Example will help you learn about Shakespeare and his time. Also, you will also learn about “Romeo and Juliet,” and you will surely have fun reading it. Aside from that, you will learn how this novel has been retold in music and films. On top of that, you have enjoyed the play that you have presented.

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