Solar System Webquest Example

This solar system webquest example will enable to discover fascinating information about all the planets in the solar system. This solar system webquest conquest will also take you to go on a journey on all of the planets on the earth’s solar system.

Webquest Steps

Your itinerary in this solar system webquest example is to complete 5 missions.

1. Solar System Tour
You will travel quickly on all of the planets in the earth’s Solar System.

2. Choose a Planet
You will choose a specific planet that you want to investigate.

3. Gathering Information
During your stay on the planet that you chose, you need to gather as much information as possible about that planet, and you need to share this information to your travel agent (teacher).

4. Send a Postcard to Our Friends on Earth
You need to send a postcard to your friends on Earth from the planet of your destination.

5. Bring a Souvenir
You need to bring a souvenir to remember your vacation on the particular planet that you visit.


In this Solar System webquest example, you and your partner will need to explore the internet to discover information and facts about the planter of your vacation destination.

First, you need to start with the background information page. Once you have viewed this page, and answered all the questions, you can chat with your partner and decide which planet both of you would like to visit. Once you have decided, which planet to visit, you and your partner must complete each phase of this Solar System webquest example.

You and your partner will need to share your findings to one another, to your friends, and to your travel agent. Your travel agent or teacher will grade you based on the effort, creativity, accuracy, and completion of all the requirements. Before you Solar System webquest start, you will be provided with a portfolio that contain all of the tasks that you need to complete.


This rubric listed below will be used to grade the students.

Poor, 2-4 Below Average, 5-7 Average, 8-10 Above Average
• Creativity
• Effort
• Requirements
• Accuracy
• Partnership
• Reaching Consensus

Once all the students have learned about the planets that they choose to investigate, it’s time for them to share their findings with the class. First, you and your partner need to share your virtual postcard with your friends, and travel agent. Next, you will need to share your souvenir from the planet of your vacation destination and explain why you choose that souvenir. Also, you and your partner must explain why your friends need to visit that particular planet.


The primary question that you should be asking your own self is which planet to go for a vacation. It’s easy to come with the answer to this question. It’s the same in understanding a broad topic like the Solar System. Now that you know a little information about the Solar System webquest example, you are now able to answer all of your questions about the Solar System.

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