Denver Airport Conspiracy Debunked

Is the Denver Airport really one of the most evil places on Earth? Is it a secret headquarters for the Illuminati, the Fourth Reich, or even the Reptoids? Many of the conspiracies that involve this international airport involve the artwork that is on display and the arrangement of the runways. All of this misinformation is just a hoax, however, and it deserves to be debunked.

1: The Swastika Runways

If you look at an aerial picture of the Denver Airport, you’ll see a series of runways and connected taxiways that allow for high amounts of air traffic that don’t cross paths. It allows for bad weather efficiency and provides parallel runway expansion opportunities in the future. If you eliminate an extra arm, shorten another arm, and then bring the whole thing together so that it is sized equally, some say it looks like a swastika.

Maybe that’s not a bad thing. After all, the swastika was a representation of blessings and joy until the Nazis took the symbol as their own.

2: An Airport Was Built When None Was Needed

Denver Airport was built because Stapleton International, which had been built in 1929, was at 100% capacity. It’s 10,000 foot runways could barely accommodate jets and modern heavy aircraft needs even further for safe takeoffs and landings. Stapleton did have 6 runways, but they crossed each other, so only 3 runways could be used at any given time. On the other hand, Denver Airport has 5 runways that don’t cross each other, so all 5 can be used simultaneously.

3: The Artwork Has Alien Languages

Or… it could just be in Navajo. The one interesting thing to note about Denver Airport, however, is that there is a marker for a time capsule that states “New World Airport Commission,” which is an entity that doesn’t exist. There are two Grand Lodges for the Freemasons that are located in Colorado, so if you as the average local about this issue, you’ll typically get a laugh and be told that it was done on purpose to inflame the conspiracy theorists.

Although the commission itself does not exist, the listed members of the commission do.

4: It Was Designed to Withstand the Apocalypse

Down in Colorado Springs, you have a facility that was built to withstand a nuclear bomb. Even a direct hit on the facility will not damage it 100%. Why build another facility that is exposed to 50 million people every year if you’re trying to stay secret with your plans and all that. Still… what about the underground facilities?

The Denver Airport was initially equipped with an automatic system of luggage delivery that turned out to be a nightmare and was eventually upgraded. Even the pictures that were presented as proof of the evil underground layer showed the conveyer belts.

You can question the artistic merit of the Denver Airport, but it is difficult to question its efficiency. There are no conspiracies involving this massive air traffic hub. It’s all just another hoax.