Evolution Debunked

One of the great debates in science today is creationism vs. evolution. Was the world created supernaturally or did it just evolve that way? Interestingly enough, the man credited with evolution, Charles Darwin, was a religious man until the death of his daughter caused him to question God. Remarkably enough, the chains from evolution are actually quite similar to the chains of creationism. People are left with one question to answer: is creationism or evolution debunked by the evidence.

Here are some of the ways that evolution may be considered to be a hoax.

1. There Is An Incomplete Fossil Record

If natural selection were to change entire species into new species, then there should be a complete transitory record with the fossils of the planet to indicate this. It is entirely possible that these fossils do exist, deeper than we’ve been able to go in examining archaeological evidence, but possibilities are far from fact.

2. Mutations Aren’t Usually A Good Thing

From an evolution standpoint, the mutation is nature’s form of creating genetic engineering. It’s a way of creating an environment where only the fittest of a species will survive. The only problem is that the vast majority of mutations are harmful to the health of plants, humans, and animals. Just look at the record of genetic disorders in humans and you’ll see evidence of harm. Yet all it takes is 1 mutation in 10 million to be beneficial and spread to others to create real change.

3. All Of Our Fossils Seem To Be Fully Formed

One of the more difficult aspects of science for evolution to explain is the fact that the fossil record contains fully formed plant and animal species. We can track different eras on this planet to see what has happened over time and this in no way proves or disproves anything. It just makes it seem like there is a common design element involved when some people observe the fossil record.

4. Bacteria Always Remains As Bacteria

There are some bacteria that can replicate to their fourth generation in just 20 minutes. In human terms, that’s the equivalent of 80 years. It’s true that many plant and animal species cannot be studied from an evolution standpoint because of the slowness of time that occurs. The same is not true for bacteria. There are so many bacteria on the planet that you could count every grain of sand on Earth and still have bacteria left over, yet in all of this, the bacteria don’t become anything else. They develop different traits and can perform different actions, yet in the end, they are still just bacteria.

5. There Are Limits On Variation

As experiment after experiment has shown, there are limits of variation that any species is able to allow. In most cases, existing information is rearranged to be beneficial to the species than mutations that allow for greater variety. DNA can only mutation or create variation to a certain extent, so only a certain amount of change can happen. In a 20+ year experiment, 60,000 generations of bacteria have been studied. All but 1 mutation involves the deletion of genetic material. That one mutation rearranged existing materials.

The truth of how we have all come to be is likely somewhere in-between the extremes of evolution and creationism. Are there certain components of evolution that can be debunked? Yes – and that’s what makes science so great.