FEMA Coffins Hoax Debunked

Is FEMA actually planning on detaining citizens of the United States because they disagree with certain political decisions? Is the US government going to declare martial law, allow for indefinitie detentions, and then bury people in FEMA coffins if they get sick and die while being held? Because of the Japanese concentration camps that were declared legal by the Supreme Court during World War II, the fear of having similar events happen is actually pretty understandable.

Creating theories about FEMA coffins from a decade old picture of a grave liner? That’s taking things over the line. Let’s make sure that the FEMA coffins hoax gets debunked for good.

Let’s Take A Look At The Conspiracy Theory First

The FEMA coffins hoax has actually been updated to include information that is more accurate so that it can seem more plausible. The theory is that FEMA has stockpiled through official orders over $1 billion worth of disposable coffin liners, 14 million body bags, and 140 million MREs. Why would FEMA order these things? To prepare for a natural disaster… Or in anticipation of massive civil unrest that is expected due to upcoming government orders?

What’s more is the fact that Glenn Beck has gone on record to say that he’s tried to debunk FEMA camps in the past and could not do it. If there are FEMA camps, then there must be truth to the FEMA coffins, right? The containers are so large that they can hold up to four bodies, so mass unrest must be expected. The US government obviously plans to kill Americans just so they can stay in power.

Now Let’s Take A Look At The Truth

These vaults have actually been blogged about since December 2007. From the first moment the conspiracy blogs started talking about it, the maker of the grave vaults, Vantage Products Corporation, started receiving phone calls that questioned their patriotism. These vaults have been in place on leased land between 1997-2010 and at most, there were 70,000 of them on the site – not millions.

That’s right – FEMA coffins are actually FEMA burial vaults. Hence the slight change in the conspiracy theory to make it more believable.

The reason why these vaults were placed in the open on leased land instead of a storage facility is because they are cheaper to the store outside. They are weather resistant and they are cheap and they are the most in demand product that is needed for when someone passes away. When a family per-arranges a funeral and purchases everything in advance, a grave vault is also created for their final resting site.

Would you like to send a burial vault to Grandma because she’s planning her funeral for you now so that you don’t have to pay for it later? Probably not. That’s why they are stored how they are stored.

You Can Go See Where These Burial Vaults Were Being Held For Yourself

Because it is leased land, you would need permission from the current owner to go onto the property to see the sights for yourself. If you want to do so, however, you can find the old locations where they were being stored at 1200 Madison Industrial Boulevard in Madison, GA.

As for the idea that these vaults are hermetically sealed, the pictures that are placed on the Internet prove that this is not the case. They are clearly exposed to an outdoor environment and all of the germs and pathogens and bacteria that the outdoors contain. This is actually confirmed on Google maps if you don’t want to travel down to Georgia to see it for yourself.

Why Would Anyone Need A Burial Vault Like This?

It all has to do with the mechanics of burying a casket. If all you did was place a casket in the ground after a hole was dug out for it, the weight of the dirt above it would eventually compress the casket so that it was misshapen and it would be exposed to the water table and other elements below. Even when a burial chamber is created, when it is not lined, it will be exposed to elements that can erode the integrity of the casket. These vaults are lined and sealed so that the integrity of the burial remains over time.

Some burial vaults are made of concrete. You can find many pictures on the Internet right now of large fields of concrete burial vaults being stacked as well. They just aren’t as impressive because there aren’t so many of them. Concrete burial vaults also tend to be more expensive than the plastic liners that are misidentified as coffins.

Why Did Vantage Products Choose Madison, GA As Their Storage Location?

According to executives with the company, the reason why a leased field was chosen was because they got a great deal on a place that was close to their headquarters. In a copy of the lease that was signed in the year 2000, Vantage Products was paying just $1000 per month for the field so that they could store their burial vaults. Who can fault them for that?

Why Are There So Many Of Them In These Pictures?

There is one fact that is true for all of us. After we’re born, we are going to die. In the state of Georgia, about 65,000 people die every year. Now multiply that by 50 and you’ve got a small approximation of how many people die in the United States every year. From this one field Georgia, burial vaults were supplied to the entire United States when orders are placed that need to be fulfilled.

This is also why you will see pictures of these burial vaults on semi trailers. They are simply being transported to funeral homes across the country. They are not being transported to FEMA camps across the country.

This organization has a national presence and a national supply chain. These vaults are designed to withstand the elements for hundreds of years. It does not make sense to store them inside of a warehouse when they can get wet or freeze and it won’t harm the integrity of the product.

They Haven’t Been Stored At That Site Since 2010

Can you imagine having dozens of people come to your property every day to look at your burial vaults because they think you’re participating in a government takeover conspiracy? It’s no wonder that Vantage decided to move their storage location to their primary headquarters. Despite all of the changes in information and the adjustments of the story over the years, the conspiracy series missed this one fact. The burial vaults just aren’t there anymore like the theorists claim they are.

The pictures that are being distributed across the Internet claiming that these are FEMA coffins are at least 4 years old. Some of them may be close to 20 years old. Barack Obama might be a smart man and he might have served in the US political arena for more than a decade, but it is doubtful that he was thinking about a 2014 Ebola crisis or citizen unrest in Ferguson in 1994.

If you look at the current pictures on Google maps, it still looks like there are burial vaults on this site. This is why so many conspiracy websites use blurry photos instead of crystal clear photos. If you look at the image when it is zoomed in properly, you will find that what is being stored in this field today are sewer pipes. Just like burial parents, sewer pipes are a lot cheaper to store outdoors than in a warehouse that requires monthly utilities, potential property tax payments, and other added expenses.

Why Did Vantage Give An Interview In 2008 To Respond To These Theories If They Weren’t True?

This last question might be the best of them all. It’s an attempt to force Vantage and theory debunkers into a defensive position. Look at it this way: if you had a business and there are people out there who say you are making money through government contracts to kill people and store their bodies, what would you do? Ignore the talk and hope it goes away? Or put the truth out on display so that people can test both statements to determine what is fact and what is fiction?

As with all good conspiracies, the FEMA coffins hoax is never going to go away. People are going to believe what they want to believe. With the government not confirming or denying that the idea of FEMA coffins is true, there will always be a few who take that as a statement of fact. When you look at the information on the whole, however, it is easy to see that these burial vaults and their storage needs were simply about cost savings and nothing more. That’s why the FEMA coffins hoax deserves to be debunked whenever it is found.