Social and Economic Inequalities in the USA

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall St. is mainly considered as a protest movement sparking in part by the active engagement of Vancouver-based Adbusters Media Foundation. The foundation is actually an anti-consumerism organ/ magazine that further initiated the call for protest. The movement urged the people to mainly occupy the Wall Street to show their protest about their inherent inequalities related on the economic system. Actually, ADBUSTERS already registered the official domain name which is OCCUPYWALLSTREET.ORG.

The Call for Occupation

Furthermore, the movement has its call to occupy “Declaration of the Occupation of New York City”. In fact, the document was fully accepted by the General Assembly of New York City on the twenty-ninth day of September 2011. Later on, the document was even translated into Slovak, German, Italian, French and Spanish languages.

Income Inequalities

In regard with the economics of luxury, it is further stated that one percent of the population owned forty-two percent of the overall wealth (as calculated by the net worth minus the home’s value). Eighty percent of those people also own seven percent of the wealth. On the other hand, twenty percent of the people also own ninety-three percent of the wealth. Even the top one percent also own fifty percent of all of the bonds and stocks. The ten percent also own almost ninety-percent of the bonds and stocks.

Peaceful Protesting

President Obama once stated that the late civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., wants American people to show their protests or to even try to challenge the Wall Street without demonizing or destructing the people who work there.

As per the supporters presented and listed by the CBS News Poll, forty-three percent mainly show their support, thirty percent of whom are not sure and twenty-seven percent of whom do not entirely support. As per the voters in the city of New York, sixty-seven percent show their support and twenty-three percent do not support. At the Time Magazine’s Poll, between Tea Party and Occupy Movement, fifty-four percent occupy while twenty-seven percent do not.

Top 5 Supporting States

In fact, there are almost one-hundred fifty cities in the United States that joined the rallies. The top 5 supporting states that have shown their protests and support are:

1. California
2. Illinois
3. Florida
4. Texas
5. New York

All American people have joined the movement and participated, no matter what the gender, ethnicity, age, politics, income, school or job they have. This only shows that people who are interested can join.

In regard with the media, Facebook, Tumblr., VIBE, Twitter, flickr, e-mail, websites, laptops, phones and cameras were never too late to show their support.

Funding Success

On the other hand, the funding of the movement was seen to have reached the amount of four-hundred thirty-five thousand dollars. Eighty-five thousand dollars was actually donated by Manhattan Park and eight thousand dollars was donated by the Lock Boxes at the Zuccotti Park.

More so, the movement also has its account at the established and reputable Amalgamated Bank. The expenses were listed as $1,500 for the food, $2,000 for the laundry bills, $20,000 for the electronic devices and $100 on the expenditure of the working groups such as medical, financial, sanitation and media.