How Occupy Spread Online

How the Occupy Movement is Unfolding Online

New York City’s call for protests has become an international topic of discussion. Protests and movements in solidarity are seen happening around the world. These issues never travel by Pony Express or Telegraph anymore because the internet is considered to be one of the largest sources of social networking and information for the present generation. The movement started out with a blog post and a tweet.

The First Tweet

On the fourth day of July, Adbusters, an anti-corporate and Canadian magazine tweets something. The tweet contains the address on fellow Americans about the dream of insurrection against the corporate rule.


On the thirteenth day of July, Adbusters still publishes a particular blog post that mainly authored by none other than “Culture Jammers HQ”. The blog post is seeking to call the attention and the convergence of mostly all upset citizens on lower Manhattan. It is also stressed that there should have no leaders and that further demands will then be determined by the consensus.

Call to the World

Apart from it, the hash tag OccupyWallStreet is still shown again on the blog that attracts more attention from the American people. On the twenty-sixth day of July, the website of Occupy Wall Street was launched. There are promotions introduced for the protest to start on the seventeenth day of September. OWS also issues a call for other respected movements around the world.

Social Media Networks

In regard with those people talking about the Occupy Wall Street in social media outlets, eighty two point five percent discuss it in Twitter, twelve point six percent discuss it in Blogs, two point eight percent discuss it on Facebook and point eight percent on Flickr. YouTube has point five percent, Forums also has point three percent and point six percent on the News. It only shows that Twitter users are open to discuss more or are interested about the movement.

The Day of the Protest

The protest day is actually dated on September 17 with almost eighteen-thousand eight hundred seventeen tweets. The tweets also have increased their percentage over the next coming weeks. On the other hand, there are also two official Facebook pages that are mainly dedicated on the movement such as and These pages have gathered all the likes and attracted the people that they further involve themselves on the protest/movement.

Furthermore, Facebook likes also have increased on a certain period of time for mainly three city movements. From October 3 to November 8, Wall Street has increased its like for almost one-hundred sixty-three percent. In Seattle, the increase reaches for about five-hundred percent. In San Francisco, the increase reaches for about three-hundred ten percent.

Where Credit is Given

Truly, the start of the movement was credited on the blog post of Ad Buster from the period of September 17 to October 25. Forty-six percent of the blog post was OWS in full support, thirty-five percent of whom were opposed and eighteen percent were even neutral. At the span of date, Occupy Wall Street was included on the top stories.

Even Hacktivist Group also shared their anonymous posts on YouTube video to mainly support the OWS. What’s even more exciting is that Pete Snyder, CEO and founder of New Media also strategized the tweet saying that he is looking forward on the day wherein Main Street and Wall Street will become closer along with the excellent minds around the world.