Rabbits As Pets Pros and Cons List

For those who do not have a great deal of space inside their homes, rabbits have become an increasingly popular pet. Since they are small creatures, who are typically docile, families with children are beginning to favor them over other, more commonly purchased pets. Owning a rabbit as a pet comes with a number of pros, as well as cons, so let’s take a moment to explore the reasons for and against owning a rabbit as a pet.

List of Pros of Rabbits As Pets

1. Easily Trained
Rabbits can actually be trained to go to the bathroom indoors and will even use a little box if taught to do so. If you have such an arrangement in place, then the rabbit is able to have free reign over your home. Should a family wish to purchase a large bunny or a smaller one, there a number of different species available to choose from.

2. Docile Creatures
A rabbit enjoys spending time around people and once the animal has gotten acclimated to your home and has a chance to get to know you and your family, they will often cuddle up right next to you and your loved ones. Rabbits are also able to live in a number of different places, so whether you need to keep yours outdoors or indoors, both options are available to you.

3. Great For Apartment Dwellers
Not only are rabbits soft, easy to cuddle and easy to maintain, but they can also live in smaller spaces without incident. People who live in apartments who do not wish to own a cat or a dog can opt for a rabbit instead. They are quiet creatures, which allows them to live in an apartment building without causing any sort of disturbance to their fellow residents.

List of Cons of Rabbits As Pets

1. Unable To Be Caged
Rabbits thrive in situations where they are given free reign to explore their surroundings. Unfortunately, many rabbit owners make the mistake of caging their pets forever, which causes them to become despondent. Unless you can give your rabbit some room to explore, it is not an ideal pet.

2. Cannot Coexist With Dogs and Cats
Should you decide to purchase a rabbit to keep as a pet, it is important to remember that they cannot coexist with dogs and cats. Both of these species will prey on an innocent little rabbit and make its life miserable. Your dog or cat is going to view the rabbit as a toy or a potential meal, so keep them away from one another at all costs.

3. Costly Choice
Rabbits are not cheaper than a dog or a cat and in many instances, can actually cost more. They also require a great deal of health care, much like a dog or a cat would. As such, the costs associated with rabbit ownership begin to pile up.