List of Pros and Cons of Arranged Marriage

You might think that marriage is a product of love, but this is not always the case. Marriage is a contract between two people and it does not always involve love in the way that you assume. Arranged marriages are a lot more common than you might expect and they are connected to culture and religion.

Family Decides

An arranged marriage is when a family decides who their son or daughter will marry. This means that the son or daughter does not have a choice in deciding the person that they will marry. This might seem like a foreign concept to you, but if you live in a culture where arranged marriage is common, it is often the norm. Before you form an opinion on the topic of arranged marriages, it is important for you to have a better understanding of what they are and what the pros and cons of arranged marriages may be.


Arranged marriages are a highly traditional practice and have been taking place for centuries. This means that before marriages became what they are today, they were predominantly arranged marriages. This is accepted in both Asian and Indian cultures. The side that you take on this issue most likely will come down to the culture that you are most familiar with. This means that if you have been exposed to Asian and India cultures for your entire life, arranged marriage is the norm that you identify with.

Pros and Cons of Arranged Marriages

This is a topic that many people are divided on, but the only way that you can come to an unbiased opinion is for you to learn about both the pros and cons of arranged marriages. This will allow for you to see this issue from both perspectives.

Pros of Arranged Marriages

1. Future Planned
You might think that arranged marriages are doomed to fail, but this is not the case. The couples that participate in arranged marriages are often given time to bond and also have a good chance of even falling in love. This means that before the couple does marry, they will no each other and understand the other persons company. You are not just thrown into marriage when you are in an arranged marriage. You do have enough time to know the person that you are marrying. Many people that are in arranged marriages where they are unhappy do have the option of filing for divorce. Some families will actually not force their child to marry someone that they do not want to in the first place.

2. Support
Since the families play integral roles in arranged marriages, it would only make sense that families would actually be the ones that provide the most support to the new bride and groom. This means that when you are in an arranged marriage, your family will give you the financial and emotional support that you need to make it through the early years of marriage. You have security and the blessing of both your families when you are in an arranged marriage, which is not something that you always have when you get married just for love without the approval of your family.

3. Love Comes
It should also be noted that many arranged marriages do involve real love. The love might not be present during the wedding ceremony, but it often does grow over time. There has been research done on arranged marriages and studies show that people in arranged marriages love each other more as time passes. This means that the love will actually grow with time.

Cons of Arranged Marriages

1. No Free Will
The biggest downside to arranged marriages is that you do not have a say in the person that you are going to marry. Your family is the one that makes the choice for you and this is something that many people are not okay with. Even though it is possible for the love to grow in an arranged marriage over time, you might be in love with someone that your parents do not approve of. This means that instead of being able to follow your heart and marry who you choose, you will be forced to marry the person that your family has picked for you. This can be devastating if there is someone else that you would wish to marry.

2. Divorce Rate
You can normally find out all that you want to know about arranged marriages by the high divorce rate. Even though the rate of divorce is high, it is even higher for couples that are arranged to marry. Many people that marry because of their parents quickly realize that they are not meant to be together and look to get divorced in a short period of time. This means that arranged marriages often do not last.