Mandatory Military Service Pros and Cons List

Having a Military that is mandatory would provide a lot of different attitudes toward the political decision. Some people would think of Mandatory Military Service as a very positive policy for their country. Many countries today actually have mandatory military service. Then you would have a section of the population who would be totally against this idea of Mandatory Military Service. Below are some “Pros and Cons” of Mandatory Military Service.

The Pros of Mandatory Military Service

1. Stronger Military.
We would have a military that is stronger and more advanced making are enemies more intimidated by our stronger and tough military regime. Knowing that we have a country that is tough and ready to fight anywhere in the world would give us the added protection of being feared by these crazy extremist countries. The whole country would be more prepared to fight at home also since everyone would need to be trained for military service.

2. Healthier Population.
The population of the country would be healthier. With Mandatory Military Service the population is going to be in better condition. With more of the population having to maintain themselves with better physical conditioning the population is healthier and less prone to chronic lifestyle diseases. A large percentage of the population in our country today is obese.

3. Respect our Freedoms.
It would make our population more respective of our freedom in this country. Once you join the Mandatory Military you will loose some of your freedoms as you are serving in the military. This makes you more respectful of the freedoms in our country that we take for granted.

The Cons of Mandatory Military Service

1. Puts Lives at Risk.
Young people would be more highly targeted and as a result their segment of the population would have a higher death rate. Our young people would lose their grip on occupations that require a longer period of study. The youth would fall behind in their chosen occupation because the two years would take a significant portion out of their work training lives.

2. Violates Belief System.
Some people would be forced against their will to kill other people. Some people follow religions that mandate that “no killing” is the right and only way. Some people because of their mental status would develope more anxious and chronic stress related anxieties. For some people this leads to drugs and alcohol abuse. This could become a major problem for the country.

3. Risk of Permanent Mutilation.
This sort of goes in hand with the disbelief in killing but is more of a reality for the military person who has to deal with immediate effects as well as long term rehabilitation. The very real consequence could be so life changing that the disfigured individual never recovers both in a physical sense and an emotional state.