List of Pros and Cons of Marriage

Marriage is one of society’s most enduring institutions. Newer generations are likely to have a much different take on the topic than their parents did. As a result, marriage has become a topic that is heavily debated, with vocal proponents and detractors who are just as vociferous. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons associated with marriage.

List of Pros of Marriage

1. The Fun of a Wedding
One of the most common reasons married couples will give when asked about the benefits of tying the knot is the joy of their wedding day. Simply put, it is a milestone event and one that can be a ton of fun should a couple choose to go this route. Having a big party with food, drinks, dancing, and your closest friends and family is a great way to celebrate your love.

2. Tax Benefits/Gifts
Spouses who officially declare their union are entitled to a number of tax breaks, tax breaks that only increase once children have been added to the equation. Additionally, a couple who gets married also has the chance to ask for monetary donations that will help them start their new life, a benefit that is unavailable to those who refuse to marry.

3. Strengthened Emotional Bond
In a world where people’s logical reasons for marrying one another are slowly being stripped away, it is important to note the increased emotional bond that couples are able to share with one another. There is a certain beauty in deciding that you love each other so much that you would like to put it into writing and saying it for the world to hear.

List of Cons of Marriage

1. No Longer Necessary
Marriage made a lot more sense in older societies, where women did not have the wherewithal to provide for themselves and needed to find a man who could do so. With more and more women trying to build viable careers of their own, it can be incredibly difficult for people who are both career oriented to make it work.

2. Misogynistic Traditions
From the “giving away” of the bride, to the assumption that she will assume the groom’s surname, there are many wedding traditions that are considered misogynistic to the modern woman. Even something as simple as tossing the bouquet is now being questioned. As a result, less and less women are keen on being treated as a form of property.

3. Waste Of Money
There are those who oppose getting married for logical reasons. They see weddings as a colossal waste of money and would rather spend that money on providing a better life for themselves and their sweetheart. Old school traditions like marriage will continue to fall by the wayside as more people come to this conclusion.