List of Pros and Cons of Living in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the fastest growing cities in America, with citizens flocking in from far and wide. Those who live there constantly tout its virtues to their friends in an effort to make them jealous and it is no secret that San Francisco is one of America’s most vital cultural hubs. With so much to see and do, there is very little reason not to move to “The City”, right?

As with any other major life decision you are going to make, there are advantages and disadvantages. Just because San Francisco ranks highly on the list of cities that a person “should” move to, this does not mean that it is the right choice for them. A person must consider their own likes and dislikes before making such a drastic decision about their residential status.

Fortunately, it is easier to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages that come with living in San Francisco than you may have realized. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons that come with living in one of California’s most distinguished cities.

List of Pros of Living In San Francisco

1. Job Opportunities
Since San Francisco’s economy is in a state of perpetual growth, it is a great place to live for those who are skilled in certain fields. The restaurant industry provides a plethora of opportunities for skilled chefs and people with a great deal of restaurant experience. The tech sector is booming, as well as professional services. Anyone with a high level of qualification in either of these fields should have their pick of the litter when it comes to career opportunities.

There are a wide range of big time employers who are in search of capable workers throughout the city of San Francisco, with start ups emerging on a consistent basis. The Bay Area is known for their workaholic demeanor and a person who has a strong work ethic will fit in well in “The City”.

2. Varied Population
San Francisco is home to one of the nation’s most vibrant melting pots. No matter your age, race, gender, or personal beliefs, you are bound to find awesome people who share your views. San Francisco is one of America’s biggest progressive cities and is a great place to live for those who consider themselves a part of the counterculture. With San Francisco’s proximity to other cities like Palo Alto, there are always interesting people to meet on nights and weekends.

A person who lives in San Francisco is never limited by their location. A variety of people from neighboring cities make the trip to San Francisco, thanks to their vibrant nightlife, beautiful scenery and prosperous professional sports teams. No matter what your interests are, you are bound to find people to spend your free time with.

3. Great Sports
The sports aficionados of the world have been moving to San Francisco in droves. It is rare for a city to have multiple professional sports teams and even rarer to see all of them prospering at the exact same time. NFL fans can enjoy a San Francisco 49ers game and they have made multiple trips deep into the playoffs over the past three seasons, coming up just shy of a coveted Super Bowl crown.

The MLB’s San Francisco Giants have now won three World Series titles in recent years, eschewing high priced players and instead relying on a ragtag group of gamers who always play their hardest. If that was not enough, the Golden State Warriors have emerged from decades of mediocrity with a team that has dominated the NBA standings all year and is the odds on favorite to claim the title.

4. Lots Of Fun Events
The city of San Francisco has so many events to choose from on a nightly basis, it can be impossible to make your way to all of them. Whether it’s a big 49ers/Warriors/Giants game, a start up party, a networking event in the world of tech, an international holiday celebration such as Chinese New Year, or a foodie festival, there is simply no shortage of activities.

The biggest problem that citizens of San Francisco have is trying to find time to squeeze in every nightlife function that comes their way. Very few cities in the United States can even hope to come close to San Francisco when it comes to providing a variety of fun activities and events to choose from.

List of Cons of Living In San Francisco

1. Very High Cost Of Living
In order to reap the full benefits of living in San Francisco, a person will need to earn a significant income. San Francisco consistently ranks among the top five when it comes to most expensive cities in America to live in and there is no sign of that trend reversing any time soon. When it comes to living in nicer cities, you often get what you pay for, which means obtaining a home in a quiet neighborhood becomes much more costly.

Depending on what you wish to do for a living, it can be very difficult to keep your head above water. It is not advisable for a person to move to San Francisco without a viable career or job opportunity. There are also certain careers where it does not make sense for the person to move to San Francisco, because the income that they earn can carry them much further in a less expensive city.

2. Difficulty Finding Places To Live
Finding a home in San Francisco is an incredibly difficult endeavor, one that has been compared in an unfavorable manner to the likes of New York City. Rental housing is costlier to find in San Francisco than almost any other city and those who move from out of town do not have the savvy to know that the cheaper housing options will typically carry an additional level of danger. Inexpensive homes are also much further away from the more vibrant parts of town, which is many people’s reason for moving to San Francisco in the first place.

While renting a home is hard, purchasing one is even more challenging. Locating a single family home that comes equipped with amenities such as a front yard is next to impossible. Many who move to San Francisco are reduced to blindly searching for an apartment on the Internet, which leads to problems down the line when they discover that their would be home is not in a prime location.

3. Safety Concerns
Any major city that you live in is going to have rougher neighborhoods and depending on your level of income or familiarity with the city, you may come in contact with people that will heckle you or try to speak to you unnecessarily. A common complain about San Francisco is that it is too difficult to afford an apartment or a home in a nicer neighborhood, a condition which leaves working class citizens in harm’s way.

The majority of San Francisco is considered to be safe by the standards of a larger city, but this does not mean that there are not certain pitfalls. During certain times of day, walking the streets by yourself is not always advisable.

4. Geared a Younger Crowd
A person’s enjoyment of San Francisco is usually based on what stage of their life they are currently in. A younger person who is more of a partier and enjoys the nightlife will get much more out of living in San Francisco than an older citizen who is a homebody and does not like to go out as much. While a younger person may not mind living a neighborhood that is rougher around the edges, an older person with a family may not wish to do so.

Those who are more settled will typically want to live in a more suburban area and those opportunities can be limited in San Francisco. The advantages of San Francisco are geared more youthful urban dwellers with disposable income to burn, so this is something that older citizens should bear in mind when considering a move.