Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified foods have been around since 1994. The way these foods are produced are very similar to genetic engineering. Such type of crop management technique has been introduced in this world to make sure that the farmers and merchants will be able to improve the quality of crops or foods that are meant to be shared in the market in a more efficient way. Some people claimed that this technology will help the farmers to decrease the amount of wasted foods and crops in the market. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified foods that the farmers, merchants and consumers should always remember.

The Advantages of Genetically Modified Foods:

1. Huge Amount of Nutritious Foods
In the huge variety of genetically modified foods nowadays, the consumers will be able to find several examples if healthy foods that are full of several kinds of nutrients compared to the ordinary crops that are available in the market. These foods will allow the consumers to manage their healthy diet more effectively since all of the crops that it can offer are one hundred percent nutritious and good for their health.

2. Larger Production
It is much easier to raise the crops that are classified as genetically modified since all of its examples have stronger pest resistance. Such situation helps the farmers to produce doubled amounts of foods or crops much easier.

3. Gives Extensive Protection for Crops
Genetically modified foods were made with the use of genetic engineering. Such technology was designed to make sure that the crops will never be damaged faster. It allows the farmers and merchants to preserve the good quality of foods in their products more efficiently with the use of some special substances.

4. It Leads to Decreased Use of Pesticides
Genetically modified crops do not need pesticides to achieve stronger protection and resistance against the different kinds of pests and insects that may destroy it.

The Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods:

1. Not One-Hundred Percent Environment-Friendly
Genetically modified foods contain several kinds of substances that are not yet proven safe for the environment. Such substances remain hidden to the public.

2. Unusual Taste
Honestly, genetically modified foods do not taste natural compared to the ordinary foods that are available in the market. Its unusual taste could be a result of the substances that were added in its composition.

3. Not Totally Safe to Eat
Scientific studies have proven that genetically modified foods contain substances that can cause illnesses and death to several kinds of species in this world. Like for example, butterflies and mouse won’t survive with these foods.

4. Exploitations
Some nations may use this technology as a form of a very powerful weapon against their enemies. Too much consumption of this type of foods can kill a person. Remember, some scientists have discovered that these foods can kill a lot of individuals in this world with the use of harmful diseases.

5. Causes Conflicts
Genetically modified foods can cause a lot of problems in the daily living of the merchants who want to sell it in the market. Such foods may encourage the authorities to charge higher tariffs to those individuals who will sell it.