Cuban Embargo Pros and Cons List

Cuban embargo, also known as the blockage, is a series of economic, commercial and financial sanctions imposed by the United States. The sanctions were imposed to influence Cuba to move away from dictatorship and towards a democracy. Cuban embargo was a policy against communism and in favor of capitalism. The United States has always championed free market trade policies and economic liberalization. Cuba has resisted both and more. Many Cuban embargo pros and cons have been debated over the years. Here are the most important ones.

List of Pros of Cuban Embargo

1. Stand against Dictatorship
Cuban embargo has many objectives. Some of the aims are ensuring freedom for political prisoners, establishing a democracy to replace the dictatorship which is confined to the Castro brothers, to allow citizens aspire for political office and leadership in business or industry among others. These are basic rights and fundamental requirements for any modern society or nation. A single person cannot determine the fate of all the citizens of a country, nor can an ideology. There should be conflicting ideologies and freedom of expression and enterprise, which Cuban embargo is purposed to achieve.

2. Punishing Aggression
Cuba has been aggressive in its way of dealing with the United States and other countries. It has often used its nefarious industries to cause havoc in the Caribbean and Americas. The drug cartels, arms dealers and organized crime bosses have misused any leeway in sanctions after having explored all illegal means, from smuggling of weapons and drugs to human trafficking. Whenever there has been some leniency shown in regards to immigration or trade, Cuba has resorted to unscrupulous transactions, from sending criminals and psychologically insane people into the United States to facilitating export of drugs and weapons.

3. Stringent Effort to Compel Cuba to Act
The Cuban embargo makes it explicit how and when the island nation can benefit from free trade, investment and sharing of technology and other perks of the modern world. Cuba cannot do as it pleases, violating human rights and standing against the fundamental rights of citizens, while expecting the world to deal with it as it deals with other countries.

List of Cons of Cuban Embargo

1. Little Impact
The Cuban embargo has apparently had no major impact on the Cuban government. The island nation remains a dictatorship following one ideology, that of communism, and rejecting capitalism as well as democracy.

2. Fallouts of Isolation
Cuban embargo has isolated the country and that has kept it away from modernization, necessary healthcare and other aids that its people need. Cuban citizens suffer from absolutely curable diseases. Everything from education to industry has suffered in Cuba, partly because of the sanctions.