Human Genome Project Pros and Cons List

The Human Genome Project is a topic of much discussion, even though the project has now existed for over two decades. The project’s primary objective is to increase our overall understanding of genetics, thus allowing us to alter them. While there are some who are fully in favor of this initiative, there are others who are not. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with the Human Genome Project.

List of Pros of Human Genome Project

1. Ability To Create New Businesses
In terms of overall dollars spent each year, the health care industry is one of the richest in the world. The Human Genome Project provides employment to millions of workers in fields related to science and their discoveries not only create new businesses, but also provide numerous jobs to those who are in need.

2. Increased Knowledge of Medicine
The success of the Human Genome Projects allows scientists to learn more about the development of ailments and diseases, which gives them the opportunity to develop medicines that target specific genetic maladies. Thanks to this project, some of the most difficult questions that have always plagued the medical community can finally receive definitive answers.

3. More Effective Pharmaceuticals
While detractors believe that the project is aimed towards toying with man’s natural evolution, in reality, it will lead to the development of far more effective pharmaceuticals for the general public. As a society, we rely heavily on medication and any project that can improve the quality of these medicines is a boon for us all.

List of Cons of Human Genome Project

1. Lack of Ethics
There are many who believe that any sort of experimentation on human genetics is unethical and these detractors see The Human Genome Project as playing God to a certain extent. Religious organizations are among the most vocal dissenters, as they consider The Human Genome Project to be a form of blasphemy.

2. Decrease In Overall Privacy
Detractors of the project point to the fact that the findings are not always kept under wraps. The results of Human Genome Project studies can be shared across different government bodies and companies. This causes increased fear among watchdog groups who are afraid that the information will end up falling into the wrong hands.

3. Few Implications For The Real World
One of the main drawbacks to this project is that there have been very few implications for the real world. Naysayers point out the fact that there is little evidence that the study will lead to any positive outcomes for humanity. Wasting money that could be used for other pursuits on a project that ultimately ends up bearing no fruit could have negative effects on funding for future studies of this nature.