How a Global Temperature Increase Can Lead to Extinction

Human Impact with Climate Change

Putting an End to Climate Change

Climate change is happening and individuals must to something to stop potential and worst effects in the future. Some believed that climate change is a complicated environmental issue that is hard to deal with but individuals must keep in mind that they can avoid this and putting an end to climate change is a must. There is a report established recently entitled Turn Down the Heat. This discusses the recent climate science prepared and created for World Bank.

What is Happening

The report shows that individuals are about to take the path towards a 4 degree Celsius warmer planet at the end of this century. The economic, social and environmental consequences are devastating and every region and country in the world will be truly affected. The sad thing about this is that the poor are the ones who will suffer the most. Climate change and other environmental problems are inevitable but wit climate-smart solutions and comprehensive policy action, warming can be reduced lower than 4 degree Celsius.

The climate system’s impact to human is unequivocal. Ever since the Ice Age up to pre-industrial times that is about thousands of years before, same warming takes place. Sea levels have drastically risen too. Today, global temperature continues to rise and extreme weather condition was cited last 2002. Hurricanes, floods and heat waves are evident and these are being linked into climate change which is said to be man-made. Ice sheets and Arctic and Greenland are starting to lose mass at accelerated rates.

The Effects of Current Emission Trends

If emission trends continue, the world is expected to be warmer and when 21st century came, it would be 4 degrees warmer. Warming poses serious impacts on tropic regions. There is a large impact on ecosystems and agriculture and aridity and drought are more vulnerable in developing tropical countries. Global warming or climate change also drive corals into extinction, rainforest to dieback and water resources to be threatened.

The effects of climate change are threatening and it may put the lives of individuals and other living creatures in danger. But there are lot more things that individual can do and ever move taken is help countries take the path towards climate resilient success and growth today and in the future. Individuals must make inclusive and green economic growth, scale up reasonable technology solutions and invest in infrastructure that falls on climate-smart category.

How to Help Combat Climate Change

Another excellent means to deal with climate change is to increase finances. In 2012, World Bank lends $7.1B for mitigation and $4.6B for adaptation. Climate change adaptation and mitigation if properly funded are efficient ways on how to fight this major environmental problem. Climate-smart developments are now evident in different countries all over the world.

When speaking of agricultural development, the very first soil carbon project was developed in Kenya, green urban transport in Nigeria, solar panels in Bangladesh, integrated water resources and pollution control management in China, policy loan development in India and risk analysis in Vietnam. All of these projects are expected to bring the best results that will help the world overcome this problem.