Home Schooling Pros and Cons List

The number of parents who are opting to home school their children is growing at a very rapid rate. Homeschooling is a modern trend that allows kids to stay at home with their loved ones and become educated. According to the studies of with millions of children now being educated at home, it is important to examine the advantages and the disadvantages that come with this particular approach. Valid points have been made by both the supporters and the detractors, so let’s take a moment to explore them further.

List of Pros of Home Schooling

1. Increased Freedom of Education.
Parents who are worried that their children are not learning enough about the proper subjects can tailor their child’s curriculum to meet their specific needs. They can also spend more time educating the child about topics that do not always come up in a public or private school’s teaching curriculum.

2. Parents’ Schedules Open Up.
Once they have been freed from the tyranny of the five day school week, parents often report feeling increased freedom in their own lives. Home schooling gives parents the flexibility to construct a schedule that works for the child and their own personal lifestyle. No more leaving work early because a child got sick at school or there was a half day due to a teacher’s conference.

3. Religious Teachings.
Many parents have become fed up with school systems that discourage children from expressing their religious beliefs. Now that prayer has been banned from schools across the country, more parents are turning to home schooling, so that they continue to instill their preferred religious beliefs without interference from outside sources.

List of Cons of Home Schooling

1. Financial Restrictions.
Some families simply do not have the disposable income that it takes to teach a child properly from their own home. In the majority of scenarios, one of the parents is going to have to give up their career in order to become a full time teacher to their child. For certain families, this may not be feasible from a financial standpoint. You are sacrificing short term income for your child’s long term benefit and this is not an investment that everyone can make.

2. Too Much Time At Home.
Parents who love being at home and spending time with their children will see this as a positive, while parents who are used to having their own career and spending time furthering their own pursuits will not. Before you decide to home school your child, think long and hard about whether you want to spend the bulk of your time at home with them.

3. Socialization Is Lacking.
Kids who do not spend time with other kids doing kid stuff may suffer from a lack of socialization. One day, the children are going to have to leave the nest and spend time around others who have not been educated in the same manner. Finding the time and the activities to let your children socialize with their peers can be quite a hassle.