Fish Oil Pros and Cons List

We live in a world where we need to do pretty much everything we can in order to keep on being healthy and living in a healthy manner. Unfortunately, unhealthy habits are too easy to gain and there is just so much offer of unhealthy food that it is incredibly hard to resist it. Luckily, there are a lot of movements out there that strive for health habits on our everyday lives.

Part of these health habits are health supplements. A lot of people advise us to eat health supplements and they are already widely available throughout the world. Usually, they have their advantages and disadvantages, but more often than not, the advantages overpower the disadvantages and they turn into a great way to get what we need in terms of nutrients.

But these are called supplements for a reason, they’re not meant to replace anything in your diet, they’re just there to help out. As such, before taking any type of supplement you should check the recommended dosage and follow the proper instructions so that you can have a healthy and balanced diet without putting yourself at any type of risk. In this article, we are going to look at the pros and cons of fish oil.

List of Pros of Fish Oil

1. It’s Good For Your Heart.
A lot of types of fish have essential fatty acids in them such as omega-3. These fatty acids are great for your heart and help it gain strength. Fish oil also has these fatty acids and they will help you out. You are probably thinking, by now, that fat is never good, but that is not the case.

Even though fat causes cholesterol and other problems, there is “good fat” and “bad fat”. What is known as bad fat is also known as saturated fat, and that is the type of fat that is going to cause cholesterol as well as a lot of other problems. Good fat, on the other hand, is going to improve the power of your heart and reduce triglyceride in the blood

2. It’ll Help You Live Longer.
There is a thing called antioxidants that you have probably heard about already – it’s pretty well known. These are everywhere in the health industry and they are seen as small miracles whenever a food has them in it, because they essentially reduce the aging process. They attack the free radicals the body has, and these essentially little problems that are going to attack your cells and damage them. Some of them can even reach your DNA, and cause permanent damage to your cells, even to the new cells that your body is going to be producing later on. If damaged badly enough, DNA can mutate and become cancerous.

With the amazing power of antioxidants, fish oil is not only going to prevent you from aging and form getting your cells damaged, it is also going to help prevent cancer.

3. It Can Make You Look Better.
We can take advantage of the point above, since it is obvious that if your cells aren’t going to get damaged by free radicals, than they are going to look younger and healthier. But not only that, but consuming natural oils is also going to help your hair and skin get moist and look a lot less dry. Not only that, but fatty acids are also going to help you fight skin problems such as eczema.

4. It Can Make You Smarter.
Fish oil has fatty acids such as omega-3 and as such, it has qualities in it that are going to help improve your brain capacity for things such as critical thinking and memory power. It works by improving the capacity that brain neurons have to communicate with one another. Of course, the brain is a muscle and, as such, you need to exercise it in order to see improvements, so making some memory games and thinking about complex subjects is going to do wonders!

5. It Will Improve Your Joints.
Your body isn’t mechanical, it’s organic, but similarly to cars and doors, your joints are going to need some oil to work better. It’s not the same type of oil, and it isn’t placed the same way, but you get the point

List of Cons of Fish Oil

1. It Lowers Blood Pressure.
Fish oils lower blood pressure by making the blood a little bit thinner. If you have low blood pressure, it is certainly not recommended to ingest decent amounts of fish oil in order not to aggravate the problem.

2. It Has Mercury In It.
A lot of fish have mercury in their systems, mostly due to pollution and fishing habits that don’t really have any type of ethical standards behind them. As such, it is almost impossible to remove mercury from the system of the fish and some of it does go through to the fish oil that is sold. As such, ingesting large amounts of fish oil can lead to mercury poisoning which will give you a trip to the hospital.

3. Too Much Oil Isn’t Good.
Although a little bit of oil in your body is going to improve your joints, your looks and a whole lot more, too much oil is just going to make you look oily and make you greasy. It is also a common cause for acne and other skin problems, so fish oil can really do the exact opposite of helping your looks.