List of Pros and Cons of Gay Rights

Gay rights are an issue that sits at the forefront of modern society and have inspired much debate between both sides. While there are some who see gay rights as a no brainer, there are others who do not believe in bestowing equal rights to the LGBT community. As such, the time has come to examine this issue more thoroughly and evaluate the pros and cons.

List of Pros of Gay Rights

1. Access To The Same Freedoms.
There is no reason why a gay person should be denied the same rights and freedoms as their straight counterparts. Whether it’s same sex marriage or the right to adopt a child, gay rights supporters believe that it is time to stop withholding basic freedoms from any group of American citizens.

2. Better Society To Live In.
Prejudice is taught in the home. Children do not emerge from the womb with a dislike for anyone, they are taught how to hate others by prejudiced parents. If gay rights become an accepted part of our society, this reduces the chances that our children will discriminate against the gay community. Gay rights give our society a chance to grow and improve in ways that simply were not available to previous generations.

3. Improvement In Quality Of Life For Gay Citizens.
Denying a person equal rights due to their sexual orientation is no better than denying them equal rights due to their race. It is time for people to ask themselves whether they want to live in a society that marginalizes citizens and make them feel unwelcome. Gay rights can help to restore their sense of belonging and allow them to feel more comfortable.

List of Cons of Gay Rights

1. Child Care.
Detractors believe that gay couples should not be allowed to raise children and point to studies that show the fallacies of raising a child in a same sex marriage home. Some children would not be affected by this, but every child’s needs are different, which could make for tough sledding.

2. Other Groups Will Seek Rights.
Here is where the popular “slippery slope” theory comes into play. If you allow gay people to have rights, what stops other groups that have been forced to live on the fringes of society from requesting the same benefits? While many believe that these rights can and should be extended to everyone, there is a large subset of society that is scared of what the future holds.

3. Religious Groups.
Religious groups are usually the most vociferous opposition when it comes to gay rights. They believe that a relationship should be defined a being between a man and a woman and will typically vote against any measures that are meant to give gay citizens equal rights. They will continue to voice their opposition loudly, even as the rest of society moves away from their viewpoint.