Child Labor Statistics and Facts

Global Child Labor Facts

America’s Concern in Child Labor Cases

There are several circumstances that if families cannot afford to give the personal needs of their family, they are pushing their child to work even if they are not in their proper age to work. Parents tend to expose their child to works since they cannot even send them to schools and give them enough and complete food every meal. Due to poverty, even if it is not the right time for a child to work, they are being push through with the fact that they need to survive. This act is known to be called child labor.

Preventing Child Labor

America is just one of those countries who are disappointed with this child labor all over the world. They are really frustrated with the devastating effect of this incident to a child who is not supposed to be on a field of work. At a young age, a child was being forced to work without being aware of the possible risk they might encounter in their work. A child was noticeably been exposed to hazardous environment which can be extremely harmful not only to their health but in their life as a whole.

Child labor prevents the child from attending to schools which may probably affect their future. Though they are already been working, the presence of poverty as well as hunger will not be avoided. The most common work that a child was being exposed and get in touch with are works which are just gaining low wages since they doesn’t are not fully equipped with all the knowledge and skills they are supposed to be learning if they are attending their schooling.

Effects on Children

Huge numbers of children are being exposed to these child labors that are noticeably observed all over the world. With the America’s estimated rate of children who are already been included in this child labor, they found out that 150 million of children whose ages are 5 until 14 years old have been exposed to this type of activity all over the world. With the result of their records, many Americans are really trying their best to lessen this activity and help every child in this world to experience their life free from burdens that may affect their future.

In order to help out every child to refrain from being part of this child labor, ¾ of the American people are showing their willingness to help in their own simple ways. Americans are willing to change the way they shop in their clothes just to help children. They are spending an average amount of 34% on clothes which are not made by the children and 55% more on clothing which are produced by children through their child labor. In this simple way Americans are helping all other consumers on how they can be able to help the children through their buying choice.

To the extent that American people are really against this child labor, they are working on some actions on how they can be able to prevent it. They are exposing every child to undergo training’s as well as programs where they can eventually be given enough knowledge and skills. Since a child needs to go to school and enjoy their childhood as well as teenage life, America is really been organizing and providing programs that can also be done by other countries to prevent the presence of child labor in their place.