Alien Autopsy Hoax Debunked

In 1995, a reported alien autopsy was making its rounds in the available media at the time. An overview of the autopsy that was hosted by Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame seem to lend some credibility to the subject. Viewers were treated to what was presented as an actual autopsy of an extraterrestrial. It was reportedly from one of the aliens that had died in the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

How can we know that this is a hoax that needs to be debunked? A basic look at the components of the postmortem examination alone can prove that the alien autopsy wasn’t real. Here’s why:

The Injuries To The Alien Were Inconsistent

Maybe you can change physics and outer space for our alien planets, but you can’t change physics on Earth. When injuries are sustained in a crash within an aircraft, there are certain trends and tendencies that make themselves known. The supposed body of the alien did not show any of these trends or tendencies.

There Was No Military Code Mark

The film attempted to show that it was the military who had covered up this evidence of an alien autopsy and that people were seeing an actual military filming of the postmortem examination. The film did not bear a military code mark at all. When looking at it, in fact, it was discovered that the code mark used was completely fictional.

Look At How The Scissors Are Held

Pathologists who are about to start postmortem examination are trained to begin their work in a certain way. They hold their tools a certain way. In watching the alien autopsy film, the person who is performing the autopsy is holding the scissors that are being used like a tailor would hold their scissors instead of a pathologist.

The Alien Autopsy Is Also an Admitted Hoax

A man named John Humphreys has a number of credits to his name in regards to the special effects work that he is done. During an interview with the BBC, he admitted that he had created an alien mannequin that was serving as the autopsy subject. He also admitted during the interview that it was him who was inside the contamination suit that the pathologist was wearing.

This backed up the observations of those in Hollywood who specialized in movie and film special effects. When they first saw the alien autopsy film, they noted that the corpse behaved like a lightweight dummy. It seemed to be rubbery and moving unnaturally when it was handled, unlike what natural tissues would do.

When it comes to extraterrestrial life, the universe is so large that the odds seem likely that aliens exist. Have aliens visited our planet in flying saucers, abducted people for experimentation, and even died here so that an autopsy could be performed on the body? The evidence says no and that this is all a hoax that deserves to be debunked once and for all.