Alex Jones Debunked

As a talk radio show host and internet personality that spends most of his time in Texas, Alex Jones is part radical conservative, part conspiracy theorist, and part liar. Although he talks about InfoWars and has thousands of followers who seek out his opinions or views as a way to validate truth, the fact is that Alex Jones sets out to inflame people more than to inform him.

Why Would You Predict a Terrorism Attack?

On June 22, Alex Jones put out this statement out over the airwaves: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t state some big terror attacks in the next 60-90 days.” To be fair, this isn’t an official prediction of a terrorism attack. He’s simply saying that the conditions are so right that one is likely to occur. Nothing happened, Jones went onto the next inflammatory statement, and his listeners got riled up over a potential terrorism incident.

On this same show, Alex Jones also told his listeners that there were bills in almost every state to end the 4th Amendment. What was the purpose of these laws? To allow officials in every state to be able to seize children at will from families. The only problem is that no such bills exist. Jones completely made this up. Lies on the airways are clear evidence of a hoax?

Are Retail Discount Stores Really Trying to Detain People?

One of the great fears in the US is that the country will revisit the time when Japanese Americans on the West Coast were placed into forced detainment. The modern theory of this happening involves FEMA camps, of which Jones states that Walmart is funding by their own admission. Instead of forced detainment, however, Alex Jones has told his followers that the government will use these camps as forced innoculation centers.

And don’t forget that the Target Corporation is just a government front.

The worst inflammatory lies of all, however, might just be Alex Jones telling people that computer giants like IBM and Microsoft are creating a grid to create eugenecist extermination of the population. In other words, these businesses are trying to genetically modify superior people in order to kill off all of the normal humans – kind of like Khan was trying to do in Star Trek fame.

Why Is Alex Jones Readily Believed?

The real question we should be asking ourselves is this: how can someone with such radical, conspiracy-based views be considered mainstream media right now? A look at his history of comments, talk shows, and information that he has put out into the general public are clearly inflammatory exaggerations or outright lies. Whether he believes what he says or is trying to create discord on purpose, there is no evidence that these claims Jones has made here or the hundreds of others that he has told over the years are true.

When something false is misrepresented as truth, then a hoax is be perpetrated. Alex Jones is clearly a hoax and his lies debunk his theories all on their own.