Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Everything has its own benefits as well as downfalls and solar energy is on the list. Many people know that solar energy offers different advantages for them and for the environment too. Sunrays are a renewable source of energy that can be converted into usable energy by solar panels. Solar energy has two main types. PV (Solar Photovoltaic) panels convert solar energy directly into a usable form of energy with the use of PV cell including a semiconductor material.

The other type of solar energy is the Concentrating Solar Power or CSP, which concentrates energy from sunlight into a heat receiver that transforms energy from heat into mechanical energy. There are great benefits in having solar energy in your daily life. However, there are also some drawbacks about this. These are some advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy offers numerous advantages and benefits for all human beings. Such advantages are a huge help for many individuals in providing a free form of energy. Reliable benefits and advantages can be found in solar energy.

1. It is a renewable and clean energy source.
2. This kind of energy can last forever and has an estimated span of about thirty to forty years.
3. If solar panels are already installed, it can produce free electricity.
4. There is no need to worry since this energy will not cause any kind of pollution.
5. Solar cell makes no noise at all.
6. Only minimal maintenance is needed in order to keep solar cells running.
7. When it comes to long term process, solar energy can provide a high return of investment since it is provides free energy using solar panels.
8. Aside from this, there are no moving parts in solar cells, making it impossible to get damaged.
9. People living in remote areas can be benefited by solar energy since solar energy can be used as an alternative to electricity power grid.
10. Many things like calculators can be operated using solar energy effectively.
11. Solar energy saves up billions and trillions of dollars for the society.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Unlike its advantages, solar energy has limited drawbacks and here are some of them.

1. This form of energy can be harnessed only when it is sunny and daytime.
2. Solar panels, cells and collectors are expensive to manufacture even if prices alter.
3. Aside from being expensive, solar power stations don’t match the power output of the same sized conventional power stations, although it can be built.
4. Charged batteries that run solar powered devices need to be replaced from time to time.
5. Solar panels installation can be very expensive.
6. Machines operated for pumping oils produce extreme noise.

As listed below, solar energy is a great source of converted form of energy which helps in the operational process of everything. Despite the fact that machines used are very expensive, lifetime benefits and advantages are being guaranteed for millions of people around the world.

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