Advantages and Disadvantages of Labor Unions

There are several types of associations where workers and employers are working hand-in-hand to improve the accessibility of their business to the public. One of the most common associations that is gaining the highest reputation all over the world is the labor union. It is a well-organized association of employees and workers and is often seen in a certain type of profession or a trade. This is formed in order to protect their rights and even interest in their field of works. There are several advantages that this labor union might be providing to the employees and their manager as well but there are also disadvantages that this might be posting to both of them.

Advantages of Labor Union

1. Acquisition of better wages.
People would be given greater chances to have better wages depending on the type of work they have. This is very important since they would give them greater opportunities to supply their needs since they are earning better wages.

2. Accessibility To Benefits
Workers who are going to join a labor union and fight for their right are always given the right to have their working benefits. This may include medical benefits and all others that is suited and really intended for them.

3. Securing Jobs
As part of the labor union, people are assured that their job would be secured whatever happens. This is very important since labor union are really making their best in order to make sure that all the people are given the chance to land for a permanent job.

4. Strength In Numbers
If you are going to get involved with this labor union, you will be assured that you are going to get what you are aiming for. Since such a large number of people are involved in this movement, results are likely to be seen.

Disadvantages of Labor Union

1. Loss of Personal Autonomy
Since more workers are already relying on the labor union, they can no longer work individually. There are instances that you are no longer with the labor unions decisions but still you cannot work on your own since you are always bound in them.

2. Union Dues
There are union dues implemented by labor union that need to be paid by the workers in order to be raised for their associations’ improvement. But for workers who cannot pay for these dues, the labor union would be holding them and they will not be given the chance to be promoted to higher working positions as the payments for not paying the required dues they intend to pay.

3. Job Loss
Since there are also some labor unions which are not continuously improving, more workers would be exposed to unemployment since the association is already getting slow and declining.

Labor unions plays an important role in people’s life since they are giving the people the chance to land a job and at the same time fight for the valuable right that they deserve. Although there are some instances that this association are seen to be disadvantageous in some ways, more people are still joining the association since they are more of the benefits that these are providing to them.