What is an USCIS Discrimination Notice

Every person, after they acquired all the necessary things to work, can already choose to do so in their will. As an employer, he or she is required to hire an applicant based on their ability. Employers are also prohibited to discriminate an employee or applicant due to its citizenship. In case that situation occurs, the employer may receive USCIS Discrimination Notice.

What is USCIS

According to USCIS, employers must be treating their employees in a manner that is not discriminating whenever they are recruiting, hiring and even firing. The same kind of treatment is a must to be applied when verifying the employee or applicant’s identity and their authorization to work.

In United States, there are several laws protecting people and employers against workplace discrimination. To support this workplace discrimination laws, several forms and notices were made for the purpose of protecting these people.

Among the maker of these laws is the USCIS. As such, they were the one who made the USCIS Discrimination Notice. Through this notice, the organization is emphasizing every person’s right to work. It has been stated that if a person has the right to work, then he must not let anyone take it away from him or her. As long as they are legal to work in US, these people should just grab the opportunity and worry not about citizenship discrimination issue since there are laws protecting them.

However, in cases when they just embraced their right to work, and they felt that they are in some ways being discriminated by their employer, they must contact the USCIS or other related organization to settle the issue. That is when this USCIS Discrimination Notice can be of use.

Under the USCIS Discrimination Notice

Every employee and applicants should remember that no employer can ever fire or deny you a job due to your national origin. Unless it was mandated by law, employers do not have the right to require you to change your citizenship and be a US citizen or even refuse any of any of the legal and acceptable documents you presented. In cases when any of the things mentioned happened to you, you automatically gained the right to charge your employer of discrimination. Thus, the USCIS Discrimination Notice.

To serve the purpose of the law for discrimination present at workplace, USCIS enabled several forms that will strengthen protection for these people. One of these forms is the I-9. As an assistance to the law and strengthen its hold, the form was made. The purpose of this form is to document the verification of the new employee’s identity including its employment authorization.

Employers Obligation

In consideration with the USCIS Discrimination Notice, employers must not do the following:

They are not to demand employees and applicants to show any specific documents due to your ethnicity, national origin, citizenship and immigration status, color, region, age, race and other factors. They are also not to request you any of documents that were issued by the DHS due to you not being a US citizen. They are not to refuse the documents you presented or even refuse in hiring because of any unfounded suspicion that the documents you have are fraud.

These are just among the things that employers must not do. In any case, with the laws backing the discrimination at workplace combined with the USCIS Discrimination Notice, the issue will be settled easily.

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