The Right to Bear Arms Pros and Cons

The Right to Bear Arms describes the right of citizens to possess weapons. This Second Amendment to the Constitution of the US is one of the prime issues of many Americans. Proponents of this gun control law claim that the right to bear arms refers to a state’s right to organize a armed force and not to individuals. Therefore, they believe that gun laws make it simpler for criminals to get weapons. This law also increases the danger of children.

Benefits and Downfalls of Gun Rights

Before deciding on whether you are in favor of this gun control or not, you should know its pros and cons. For your guide, here are the different advantages:

Tighter Controls of Guns
It means that there would lead to less shooting. Government officials and ordinary citizens claimed that the fewer guns would have, the less shooting will be. With its great restriction, cutting down on gun crimes is also reduced.

Type of Weapons You Have Should be Negotiable
Most gun control activists don’t argue the right to own a gun. But, they believe that adding stipulations to gun ownership is not a limitation of the constituent’s rights.

Gun Control Doesn’t Need to Affect Law-Abiding Citizens
Gun control does not need to affect guns used for legal functions. Latest technology allows the tracking of guns and bullets. This technology also employed to allow guns to be traced back to their owners. Through this, if a crime is committed, it will be simpler for law enforcement to recognize what happened.

Irresponsible Gun Behavior

However, the right to bear arms also includes a few flaws. In case the gun gets into wrong hands like children, they just do not understand how to manage it. As a result, accidents may take place. For teenager, it might be a game. But, it can kill another life in an instant. In addition, guns can be dangerous to adults. This is often observed if they are under the influence of drug or alcohol. Even responsible adults can make the mistake of using a gun when intoxicated.

Studies also claimed that armed citizens make other people nervous. Some scared citizens informed the police about suspicious individuals looking armed with a gun. As a result, police officer can’t easily recognize to distinguish normal responsible citizens from criminals with firearms. Some people also argue that the ability to carry firearms for self-defense is not granted by the US Constitution. They claimed that the amendment enables citizens to carry guns when they are called to military service. It means that it do not inform that citizens can bear arms for personal or self-defense. With your knowledge about the right to bear arms, you can decide whether you want to carry any weapon or not.

Since the belief of one person to another is not common, you have to understand why some people desire to carry weapons while others do not. Whether you are in favor of carrying weapons or not, you should know its implications to your society. To protect citizens, government officials often prohibit carrying illegal weapons.